5 Stunning Sailing Destinations in Europe and the UK

Alan Morrison

Stunning Sailing Destinations in Europe and the UK

As the spring months begin to chase away the colder temperatures of winter, what better time to discover a new hobby, and a new way to explore the world? Chartering a boat and sailing around Europe is one of the biggest dreams of many avid travelers – because it offers a completely new way to have an adventure in comparison to flying, biking, or exploring a country by land.

If you’re looking for a way to find your sea legs and explore Europe and the UK at the same time – sailing could be the perfect solution. Fortunately, we have a quick list of some of the most stunning sailing destinations for you to visit. Grab your global adapter plug so you can charge up your phone and snap some pictures along the way, and get ready to experience some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

1.    The Ionian Islands, Greece

If you’ve got a travel bucket list, then the chances are a visit to Greece is on there somewhere. Fortunately for sailors, the beautiful Ionian islands offers a great way to experience this incredible destination by boat. Starting from Lefkada or Corfu, you can breeze your way through the stunning turquoise sea, stopping off at some of the larger islands across the way. Expect to enjoy all of the cliché images you’ve come to associate with Greece, from colorful fishing boats to stunning white-washed villages and soft sandy beaches.

2.    The French Riviera, France

Charming and romantic, France is one of the most popular destinations to visit in Europe, and one of the greatest sailing locations in the world. You can start at the celebrity-favorite St. Tropez, before making your way along the beautiful coastline to Cannes, Monaco, and Nice. Remember, if you want to fit in with the flashy crowds, you’re going to need to charter a huge yacht, take all of your friends, and pack your finest threads.

3.    Bay of Naples, and the Amalfi Coast, Italy

For one of the most beautiful and unique coastlines in Europe, start your sailing experience in Naples then head towards Amalfi, and the island of Capri. Along the way, you should expect to soak up plenty of sun, enjoy the sight of stunning coastal towns, and of course, stock up on all the Italian food you can get. Make sure to stop at the Blue Grotto if you’re going on a romantic trip – as this is a popular destination for honeymooners.

4.    The East Devon Coast and Dorset, England

Though you might have to be prepared for rain, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth visiting England when you’re nearby in Europe. In the East Devon Coast, you’ll find over 95 miles of stunning ancient coastline stretching across the horizon. Known as the Jurassic Coast to some, the rock formations you’ll find here are up to 185 million years old.

5.    The Norwegian Fjords

Finally, visit the Norwegian Fords for one of the most stunning sailing destinations in Europe, brimming with beautiful colors and natural treasures. The fjords were formed by glaciers in the ice age, and today as a dramatic visual experience, where blue waters meet with green shores and magical granite peaks.


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