Where to Travel on Your Group Vacation

Fabian Obrist

Where to Travel on Your Group Vacation

If you’re planning an incredible trip with your friends before you all settle down and start worrying about family concerns like life insurance, buying a house, and paying for kids’ college funds, then you’re probably going to need some inspiration when it comes to deciding on where to travel. Group vacations with friends can be an incredible opportunity to form life-long bonds, discover more about yourself, and experience more of the world – as long as you know how to stay safe.

Following, we’ll cover a few of our favorite locations for young jet-setters, perfect for helping you figure out where to travel on your no-holds-barred vacation. Grab your windproof travel umbrella(just in case), and your best friends, and get ready to get started.

1.    Thailand – Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan in Thailand is the place to be for twenty-something explorers looking for inspiration and excitement. When it comes to figuring out where to travel, this destination offers everything from crystal clear water, to endless bars and cheap flights, meaning that you can’t help but love everything about it. Plus, the island also hosts the “Full Moon” party, which includes a night and morning of incredible dancing on the beach, ideal for youngsters across the globe.

2.    South Africa – Cape Town

Brimming with trendy cafes, incredible shopping opportunities, world-renowned areas for hiking, live music venues, local universities, and even wine tasting tours, Cape Town in South Africa is a great spot for young people in search of a new adventure. The friendly locals, combined with the laid-back nightlife should be enough to create some incredible memories, and when you combine that with cheap travel prices, there’s really nothing to lose.

3.    Florida – Miami

Dubbed as the city where “the heat is on” by Will Smith, Miami is a must-stop destination for young travelers. If you’re wondering where to travel and you don’t feel like venturing too far away from home, Miami offers great temperatures, mixed with an incredible nightlife full of trendy clubs and bars. On top of that, you’ll have a chance to check out the chaotic beach scene, and plenty of fun activities such as bike riding and water-skiing.

4.     Panama – Panama City

Plenty of the young travelers who visit Panama City fall in love with it thanks to its perfect balance of relaxation and adventure. Depending on how you feel, you can choose to lounge at a local beach resort just beyond the city, or spend your nights partying at the Boulevard de la Rumba. The city is full of fantastic opportunities, and everything you could ask for of an urban metropolis, including museums and amazing cuisine.

5.    Spain – Barcelona

There are few places in the world where you can spend your days exploring incredible Gaudi architecture, before topping up your tan in the afternoon, then hitting waterfront clubs all night. Barcelona is one of the many European destinations for young travelers that never gets old, whether you’re a tourist, or a local. Just make sure that you research your destination ahead of time when you’re deciding where to travel.

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