The Awesome Airport Hacks You’ve Never heard Of

Fabian Obrist

The Awesome Airport Hacks You've Never heard Of

Traveling is possibly one of the most exciting hobbies there is. So long as you have the cash, there’snothing better than booking a flight and jetting off to a new destination where you can indulge in new culture, cuisine, and amazing experiences. Of course, the most frustrating part of the travel experience, has to be the time that you spend at the airport.

If you don’t take the time to plan ahead and figure out the airport hacks and tricks you can use to turn your time in the terminal around, you might find that your next journey is ruined by long lines, annoying security checks, and extra baggage fees.

Have no fear, though, Venture 4th is here to offer a selection of the best airport hacks you’ve never heard of, just in time for your upcoming vacation.

1.    Choose the Left Hand Lane

Most of the time, people who are right-handed are more inclined to turn right on impulse when they’re given a choice of lanes to pick between. In other words, if you choose the security lane that’s on the left, you might find that you end up dealing with a much shorter line.

2.    Bring Your Own Booze

If you’re a nervous flyer, a few cocktails on the plane can be a great way to calm your nerves – so long as you don’t take the idea too far. Rather than paying out for the super-expensive drinks you can buy in-flight, bring your own with you. You’re allowed to carry liquids so long as they’re 100ml or less, and can fit into a 20cm x 20cm Ziploc bag.

3.    Use TSA-approved

When it comes to airport hacks to help you push your way through the security check, remember to ensure that you’ve secured your luggage with a TSA-approved padlock. Not only will this keep your personal belongings safe, but it will also ensure that agents don’t need to cut through your suitcases when they need to check your bags.

4.    Ask for Upgrades

It may feel a little cheeky, but you never know if something might be available to you unless you ask for it. Ask around to see if you might be able to access any additional upgrades or enjoy a better deal on your flight. The worst that can happen is that you end up having the exact flight you paid for.

5.    Avoid Travel Sickness

If you’re likely to reach for the sick bags whenever the plane encounters a tiny amount of turbulence, use our knowledge of airport hacks to grab a morning flight, as the factors that cause turbulence are more likely to happen in the afternoon.

6.    Wear Clothes That Take You Over the Limit

Finally, the last tip on our list of airport hacks is to wear additional layers if you’re worried that your baggage has too much weight to get through the check-in without incurring additional fees. The chances are that you’ll probably get pretty sweaty – particularly on a long haul flight, but at least you won’t have to pay more!

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