5 Ways to Experience the UK: Adventurous Travel

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5 Ways to Experience the UK

Looking for a new form of adventurous travel? Forget about exploring the coral reefs and surfing in Hawaii – why not grab your trusted money belt and head to the UK instead?

Many people from warmer countries across the world struggle to believe that residents in the United Kingdom could actually enjoy spending a large quantity of their time engaging in outdoor sports activity. However, a report released by the Sport and Recreation Alliance recently confirmed that outdoor recreation makes up the UK’s favorite pastime – with at least three in every four adults throughout the UK regularly taking to the outdoors for fitness and other activities.

Though the UK may not have the same hot-weather activities to offer as some other climates throughout the world, it does have a great deal of incredible scenery and other fantastic outdoor solutions that make it a fantastic solution for active travelers.

If you prefer to spend your vacation sweating from adventure, then from a morning by the pool, we’ve put together 6 ways to experience the UK that might be ideal for you.

5 Ways to Experience the UK

1.  Sailing and Boating

Got an eye for the deep-blue sea?

Rather than spending all your money on a cruise, or watching other people do all the hard work on your behalf – why not try out the hobby for yourself? There are plenty of awesome places to get your sea-legs in the UK – whether that means sailing in the ocean, or boating in some local rivers and lochs.

With literally thousands of miles of coast for locals to explore around the United Kingdom, it only makes sense that one of the best ways to experience the UK would be by boat. From catching mackerel in Brighton, to taking part in Island Sea safaris at the Scilly isles, there are no shortage of incredible boating opportunities available for beginners and experts alike.

In fact, you can even sail out of Oban towards the west coast of Scotland searching for a glimpse at the Northern lights while you combine some island hopping, walking, and bird-watching all at the same time. Or how about a daytrip with dolphins around Pembrokeshire? The possibilities are endless – just make sure you take the time to learn the ropes first – before you go sailing alone.

2.  Golf

It may not be the most action-packed sport in the world, but golf involves a lot of walking and some significant movement and practice, which can make it an ideal option for individuals in need of low-intensity exercise.

For those who aren’t used to spending time on a golf green, it may be surprising to learn that people actually travel all around the globe searching for the best place to play some holes. However, with the right attitude and a little creativity, golfing can be a fun and relaxing pastime.

A large number of people throughout the UK enjoy combining a weekend getaway with a few rounds of golf and a walk around some beautiful greenery during the summer months. This is perhaps why it is so easy to find a golf resort and spa nearby – regardless of where you visit.

3.  Walking Tours

Walking tourism in the United Kingdom accounts for up to 246,000 full-time jobs. From challenging hikes up mountain ledges to self-guided tours around stunning environmental locations, there are a number of walking tours and walking opportunities available throughout the entire of the UK.

For experienced mountain climbers, one of the best options may be hiking in the Scottish highlands – However experts warn that you should be prepared for the odd scramble if you want to get to the top in one piece!

On the other hand, those looking for something softer may prefer a gentle walk along the Edale Skyline, in the Peak District. Be careful to look for a walking route that suits you and your family – especially if you’re taking children along for your UK adventure.

4.  Cycling

Cycling is a booming pastime in the UK, with more people discovering the amazing routes and roads around the country each and every year. If you’re looking for authentic ways to experience the UK, with your windproof umbrella in hand, then you can always consider taking up some pedaling yourself.

Where you decide to take your bike will depend on whether you’re more interested in breathtaking scenery and picturesque countryside, leg-burning climbs, or a combination of both. For instance, why not try the Bealach na Ba course in Applecross Scotland, for a stunning cycling experience that’s as hard as the body as it is easy on the eyes.

5.  Horse Riding

Whether you’re learning to ride for the first time, or you’re an expert looking for a new experience, there are some incredible places to take a horse in the United Kingdom. For juniors, there are residential courses that teach everything from how to handle a horse, to how to maximize your skills. On the other hand, if you already have experience riding, there are a number of places throughout the UK that offer horseback tours of stunning scenery.

For youngsters, you can even enjoy some donkey rides at local beaches if you happen to check out some seaside resort areas. Just be careful to watch over your kids during these trips, as the last thing you need is your child crying about the time he or she fell off a donkey in the UK.

Getting More from the UK

Many tourists forget that there’s a lot more to the UK than Buckingham Palace and London. If you’re looking for a way to explore the country from a more active perspective – without worrying about things like subways and crowded tourist attractions, then why not try your hand at one of the suggestions above. You might discover there’s more to love about this little island than you first thought.

Pro tip: Keep in mind that if you’re traveling from the US, you’re going to need to take a travel adapter plug with you if you want any of your electronics to work over the pond.

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