When will my Parcel Arrive?

Though we might not be able to offer a precise indication of when your parcel will arrive, we can promise that your product will be packaged and shipped to you as quickly as possible after your purchase.

Are your Wearable Products Machine Washable?

Some customers want to know if they can wash their waist belts and security pouches. Our advice is to hand wash these items to avoid any potential damage – and make sure you remove all items from the pockets before immersing them in water.

What does TSA-friendly Mean?

Our travel products are approved by the TSA, which means that screeners can easily inspect your baggage without damaging locks or causing frustrating delays.

What is RFID?

Our RFID blocking products are designed to shield your cards, and passports from unwanted scanning using electromagnetic technology. In other words, they help to protect you from the threat of identity theft that has begun to rise with the introduction of contactless cards and other access documents.

Are Wearable Products Suitable for Men and Women?

Security pouches and sleeves are suitable for anyone to use! They come in a range of colors, and can slip discreetly behind your clothing to help keep your money and documents safe wherever you go.

Are Wearable Products Water Resistant?

Our security pouches are completely water-resistant, and made with rip-stop nylon to ensure enhanced durability for as long as possible!

Can I Wear my Money Belt Under my Clothes?

Yes! In fact, we advise it! Your money belt can go under your clothes and become almost invisible, therefore reducing your chances of falling victim to thieves in the first place.

How Strong is the Travel Umbrella?

The Venture 4th Travel Umbrella is extremely durable, and is designed to help you avoid the frustration of broken and inside-out umbrellas destroyed by wind!

How Compact is the Travel Umbrella?

The travel umbrella is lightweight, and compact, meaning that it’s easy to store in just about any bag or pouch. It’s perfect for storage in hand-luggage, as it takes up very little space.

What Are your Padlocks Made from?

Our TSA-approved padlocks are made from high-quality zinc alloy for unbeatable strength and durability.

Do Your Products Really Work?

At Venture 4th, we’re devoted to delivering high-quality products to people who want to maximize their travel experiences. We will only ever create and sell products that we are sure will work for their intended purpose. We are proud of our travel accessories – and we’re sure you’ll love them!

How Can I contact You?

If you have any questions, or you want to know more about a Venture 4th product, please contact us at: info@venture4th.co