The Beach, the Sand, the Surf… and the Perfect Towel that Keeps the Sand at Bay and Your Valuables Dry

Kathelys Pereira

What more could one ask for when heading out for a beach day other than perfect weather?  …how about a towel that repels sand and dries within 5 minutes?! VENTURE 4TH is releasing a new addition to the microfiber towel line. Something that you never knew you needed, but once you try won’t be able […]

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This is the Best Travel Towel on the Market, Here’s Why

Fabian Obrist

VENTURE 4TH Travel Towel

The more someone travels, the more they understand the importance of packing: what to pack, how to pack, when to pack, what to pack it into! The one thing that always takes up way too much space is the towel. For beach trips, regular cotton towels take up most of the bag; same thing goes […]

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