Where to Go in 2016: Last Minute Summer Vacations

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The slew of incredible photographs taken for the 2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest, has helped to revitalize a passion for travel in many adventurous souls from across the world. Featuring some of the most beautiful and inspiring images from across the globe, the latest examples of stunning color and emotional heritage have even prompted us to start thinking about our bucket list, and the places that we’d love to visit before 2016 comes to an end.

Now that summer is finally here, it only makes sense to make the most of the sunshine, and dedicate some free time to exploring the natural wonders of the planet – but with so many incredible destinations to choose from, how on earth are we supposed to decide where and how we should spend our money? Have no fear, as Venture4th has got you covered for last minute summer vacations…

Last Minute Summer Vacations

1.    Beyond the Barrier (Australia’s Reefs)

This year, Sir David Attenborough will be exploring the natural delights and wonders of the great barrier reef in his latest documentary series. After you’ve seen just how beautiful this 1,400-mile collection of coral reefs, islands, and sand cays can be, the chances are that you’ll be planning your very own pilgrimage to the Queensland coast. From visiting the giant Manta Rays on Lady Elliot Island, to soaking up the color and wonders of one of the most incredible natural phenomenons in the world, last minute summer vacations don’t get much better than this.

2.    Olympic Champions (Rio De Janeiro)

You might be under the impression that the 2014 World Cup offered a chance to soak up everything there was to see in Rio de Janeiro, but the truth is that there’s far more where that came from. The beautiful natural landscape of the area should help to make Rio one of the most scenic places ever to host the Olympic games – as well as a great place to visit when looking for last minute summer vacations. Visiting right on top of the Olympics will be expensive, but adjusting your timing will help your money to go further, while ensuring you still get to soak up the culture and attractions. Just remember to wear your travel neck wallet when out on the busy streets, as you don’t want a pickpocket to ruin your experience.

3.    History and Heritage (Dublin)

It might not be the best place to soak up the sunshine, but 2016 does mark the centenary celebration of the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland – which represents a significant step in independence in terms of natural heritage. Commemorative events will include a huge exhibition at the Ireland Museum, musical celebrations and more. While the majority of the activities happened earlier in the year, visiting Dublin now gives you a chance to enjoy a celebration of culture without spending too much on your travel and accommodation costs. Once again, remember to wear your money neck wallet when cruising the bars and pubs, as it’s all too easy to lose your wallet after a few drinks.

4.    Explore Further Than Ever Before (Japan)

Not only is Japan more affordable than ever thanks to the devaluation of the yen, but it’s also easier to explore now that a direct bullet train has been introduced to connect Hokkaido with Tokyo. Thanks to this new option for travel, you can jump back and forth between the exciting stores and culture of Tokyo, and the climbing, camping, and hiking opportunities in the natural space of Hokkaido. In other words, if you’re looking for an easy way to combine sightseeing and natural experiences with the buzz of an active city, Japan could be the perfect choice.

5.    Open the Jungle Book (India)

Thanks to the new release of the much-loved Disney classic, The Jungle Book – featuring everyone from Scarlett Johansson, to Bill Murray, India is emerging as a far more popular destination for travelers in search of last minute summer vacations. If you’ve been inspired by the landscapes and wildlife of Madhya Pradesh, or you’re looking for an opportunity to seek out the wild Bengal tiger yourself, then you can join a national park tour in Satpura that offers everything from overnight camping, to discovering wildlife. Once again, you might want to make sure that you’re wearing your money neck wallet during your adventures, as you never know when the jungle could catch you off guard, with branches knocking your wallet out of your pocket, or even mischievous monkeys.

6.    An Artistic Masterpiece (South Africa)

If you’re an artistic soul searching for exotic last minute summer vacations, cape town in South Africa could have everything you want and more. In late 2016, a new gallery will be opening on the V&A waterfront, known as the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art. The location, housed within a 1920’s nine-story grain silo, is a must-see experience for art lovers, particularly if you’ve found yourself searching for a muse unlike anything you might be able to find at home. Just remember that if you’re visiting in the summer, you should probably prepare yourself for some scorching heat with plenty of extra sunscreen.

7.    Starry Nights and Brave Knights (Snowdonia)

Finally, the release of Guy Ritchie’s latest film in July – Knights of the Roundtable, is bound to get jet-setters excited about exploring the beauty and history of Snowdonia – where the majority of the film has been shot. You can experience everything from underground boat rides in King Arthur’s Labyrinth, to guided tours for groups designed to add extra life to the locations found in the legend, and the film. Snowdonia is also a great location for those who like to add a little adventure into their lifestyle, featuring the longest zipwire in Europe, as well as underground trampolines in Llechwedd Caverns.

Last Minute Summer Vacations

Those are just some of our favorite choices for last minute summer vacations, based on the buzz and excitement across the globe during 2016. Just remember that wherever you go, it’s important to keep yourself, and your valuables safe. Investing in a money neck wallet or a waist belt can go a long way towards preventing a dream vacation from turning sour.


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