The Secrets of Taking Great Vacation Photos

Kathelys Pereira

Great Vacation Photos


You’ve got your super-powered smartphone, equipped with fantastic forward-facing and traditional camera, and you’ve packed your universal travel adapter plug to ensure you can keep your tech charged during your vacation – now all that’s left is to figure out how you’re going to take some amazing snaps to share with your friends, family, and social media followers.

Incredible vacation experiences are worth remembering – so before you start snapping away, take a few moments to refresh your skills, and remember our tips for taking great vacation photos.

1.    Line Up Your Shot

When you’re on an adventure, the last thing you want is to waste a lot of time lining up the perfect shot, but taking a couple of extra seconds to make sure the item you’re taking a photo of is actually in focus goes a long way towards developing great vacation photos. At the same time, taking that extra moment will allow you to figure out whether you need to step back a little bit to get more of the subject into the shot, so that you don’t miss out on something incredible that’s happening just outside of the frame.

2.    Break the Rules

Even if you’re a photography student who has spent all their time learning about the rules of a perfect picture, it’s important to remember that some of the best shots come from an impromptu attempt to try something new. Great vacation photos can come from pointing your camera towards the sun, checking out a different angle, or even taking photos of things that no-one else would bother looking at.

3.    Remember Group and Individual Shots

While the group photo is important – after all, you want that amazing memory full of smiling faces after you caught your first fish on your yacht trip, or hiked the last few miles on a nature trail – don’t forget the importance of individual shots too. Some great vacation photos will include you and your friends and families, whereas others will be a close up of your loved one enjoying the sun, or even a last-minute selfie in front of a national landmark.

4.    Take Notice of Wildlife

Nature is almost always incredible, so it’s worth taking a few seconds to look around you and document the wildlife that you see during your journey. The chances are that the place you’re visiting has creatures and animals that you’re unlikely to come across at home – so document the experience if you want a truly comprehensive album.

5.    Enhance Your Photo with Apps

Finally, the latest apps can be a great way to add something special to an already incredible photo. Download some of the most popular free apps from google play and the apple store before your trip and play around with them for a while before you go. This will make sure that when you actually come to creating some incredible photos, you’ll know which features and filters you should try out. For example, a panoramic shot is always a good thing to play with.

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