The Most Common Travel Problems and How to Fix Your Vacation

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Common Travel Problems

Recent insight suggests that travel insurance might be a worthless purchase, thanks to the fact that it is unable to protect tourists from the most common travel problems, such as lost expensive valuables, absent luggage, and more.

Although most of us prefer to focus on the positive parts of travel – such as the memories, sun tans, and exotic experiences, the truth is that there are a host of common travel problems out there that can easily sneak up and ruin your journey. Whether it’s the horrors of a bad hotel, a lost passport, or a seriously bad case of sunburn, it helps to know what you need to do to fix your vacation, and get back on track.

Following, we’ll cover just some of the most common travel problems our readers have experienced, as well as some tips on how to deal with them.

Common Travel Problems

Problem 1: You’ve Missed Your Flight

So you get to the airport, work your way through the pains of security, and finally approach the check-in desk only to find that the plane has already gone without you. Missed flights appear as common travel problems more often than you might think, simply because people forget to account for traffic delays, getting stuck in security lines, and the ever-present chance that flight details might be changed without your knowledge.

However, before you start suing the TSA for long security lines, calm down, try not to panic, and think of ways you might be able to fix your vacation. If it’s your fault that you’ve missed your flight, then you might have to pay a small fee to be switched over to a new one. On the other hand, if you’ve missed the take-off time because of a previous flight delay, or another issue beyond your control, you might be able to get some freebies, alongside a new seat on the next airplane out – so long as you’re polite, courteous, and patient.

To avoid this problem, make sure that you always ask reception for a wakeup call at your hotel, and set an extra alarm to ensure you get to the airport on time. Remember – you should never leave at the last minute, as you never know what unforeseen holdups there might be along the way.

Problem 2: Your Wallet/Money Gets Stolen

Picture this: you’re laid on the beach with your sunglasses on and your hat propped over your face to help you avoid the worst of the midday glare. Hours pass, and you groggily brush the sand off your legs, reaching out for your purse or backpack, only to find that it’s gone. In fact – all of your valuables are missing.

When it comes to common travel problems that might leave you searching for emergency ways to fix your vacation, losing your cash has to be high on the list. While contacting the local authorities is a good place to start, and reporting any missing cards will help to ensure that you don’t get your identity stolen (alongside your pride), the chances are that

you aren’t going to retrieve the money that you’ve lost – or any of the other essential documents hidden away within your bag.

The best thing you can do to fix your vacation if your wallet is stolen, is to contact your bank, as well as any friends or family who might be able to send you some emergency cash. However, to prevent those valuables from being taken in the first place, make sure that you take a money safety pouch with you whenever you travel. A money safety pouch, whether hung around your neck or fixed around your waist can keep your money hidden and secure, so you don’t have to watch it twenty-four-seven.

Problem 3: Your Luggage is Missing

Unfortunately, lost luggage might be one of the most common travel problems there is, with more people suffering from missing essentials on almost a daily basis. If your baggage hasn’t shown up on the conveyer belt, and you’re worried that you’re going to be left with one worrisome option, like this welsh traveler, there may still be ways to fix your vacation.

Start by heading straight to the airline’s counter to file a report. You might find that they can give you a bag of essentials, including toiletries that you’ll need to stay fresh. At the same time, you can hand over your contact details so that they can get in touch with you if your suitcase happens to show up.

To avoid a more significant problem with lost luggage, try taking a photo of your suitcase that you can show to the airline, and keep all of your valuables, including your medication and glasses, split between your hand luggage, and your money safety pouch.

Problem 4: Your Hotel is a Disappointment

If you’re an experienced traveler, then the chances are that you’ve experienced your fair share of hotel horrors in the past. Hotel problems mark one of the most common travel problems that savvy jetsetters often experience, and even if you take months to research and pick the perfect destination, you might still suffer from a reception that has you longing for the comforts of home.

If you’re disappointed in your hotel experience, remember that the only way you can fix your vacation, is to talk to someone about your concerns. Speak to the hotel and make your issues heard, giving them a chance to rectify the problem. If it’s just a room that’s the issue, many hotels are happy to offer an upgrade or alternative accommodation.

On the off chance that the problem isn’t fixed, it might be a good idea to take plenty of video and photo evidence to support your claim when you return home.

Overcome Common Travel Problems and Fix Your Vacations

While common travel problems can easily cast a shadow over a great vacation, they don’t have to be allowed to ruin your entire adventure experience. The tips above should help you to deal with some of the most frequent offenders, while accessories like the money safety pouch should help you to avoid stresses elsewhere.

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