The Best 3-Season Backpacking Sleeping Bag

Alan Morrison

Backpacking Sleeping Bag

With fall just around the corner, VENTURE 4TH® is releasing a new color for the popular Backpacking Sleeping Bag:​ Silver/Black! The sleeping bag will be available on the Amazon marketplace in the first half of September 2019.

The sleeping bag has been tried and tested and will keep you comfortable spring, summer, and autumn. The temperature rating is from 35​°F-77°F, so no matter if you’re a fan of the warm summer nights or the chilly fall evenings this sleeping bag will make sure you sleep throughout the night safe and snug.

The three current colors offered are Blue/Grey, Red/Orange, and Green/Green, the Silver/Black combination will be complimentary for those that prefer their camping gear a little more muted.

This sleeping bag is perfect for those looking for an outdoor adventure! Whether it’s camping, a night of star-gazing, a festival, a backyard sleepover, or a backpacking trip this sleeping bag ticks all the boxes of what you’ve been looking for. With the sleek new color combo and the ultra-lightweight design, you will be the envy of all your outdoorsy friends.

Lightweight and Compact​ – The compression straps that the carrying bag comes with allows the sleeping bag to be rolled up for convenience and ease. This also makes it easier to carry than most other sleeping bags out there. When rolled up, the total weight is only 2.9lb! It’s designed in a way that even a child could enjoy using it.

Multi-seasonal and Weather-Resistant​ – The sleeping bag is made with 210T water-resistant polyester and keeps you dry even when the weather isn’t cooperating. The bag is tested to the highest standard that outdoor enthusiasts look for guaranteeing that a broken zipper won’t ruin your experience. This 3-season sleeping bag is a great addition to anyone’s camping gear.

Durable and Breathable​ – The high-grade polyester that the sleeping bag is made out of is soft to the touch so you will never have to worry about waking up itchy. The outer shell and lining material were all carefully selected and tested to guarantee that the user will be warm on 35​°F fall evenings up the mountain, and cool during 75°F summer nights at a music festival.

The sleeping bag itself, when rolled out completely, measures 29.5 inches wide by 86.6 inches long and comfortably fits a child or adult up to 5’11” in height. The barrel design is big enough to be comfortable, yet snug enough to keep you cozy. We were ranked as one of the best sleeping bags on “Ode Magazine”.

VENTURE 4TH® also sells a variety of other outdoor gear and accessories, including sleeping bag pads, travel quick-dry towels and portable chargers, all designed to fit the lifestyle of those who love the outdoors, or just travel often.

The sleeping bag, and all the other cool gear, can be purchased on the ​VENTURE 4TH® website​, or on the Amazon marketplace. Facebook is another great place to stay up-to-date on all the new product offerings coming in the next few months!

With leaves just about to change their colors, it’s the perfect time to plan a camping trip and test out the new color combination.

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