Strange Tourist Attractions to See On Your Next Vacation

Alan Morrison

Strange Tourist Attractions

As we’ve mentioned before, everyone’s idea of the perfect vacation is different – while your idea of heaven may be lounging on a beach with a good book, your friend’s may be exploring locations that are offbeat, unusual, or just plain strange.

For those travel enthusiasts who prefer to look for something a little less “standard” when they book their vacations, we’ve put together a list of some of the most appealing, and interesting strange tourist attractions around. Just make sure you take your money security pouch with you, as this will help you to keep your valuables secure when things start to get a little bizarre.

1.    Texas: Prada in The Desert

If you’re a shopping enthusiast, then you might be able to understand why the state of Texas decided to introduce a brand new Prada store into their high-fashion market. What you may struggle to figure out, however, is why they placed that store within an empty stretch of the United States, about one hundred and fifty miles from El Paso. With the blessing of Miuccia Prada herself, this isolated store undoubtedly earns a place on the list of the best strange tourist attractions. Although it has no doors, the front windows proudly display a selection of six purses, and twenty left-foot shoes.

2.    England: The Gnome Reserve

There are plenty of wildlife and garden reserves out there that are worth visiting if you have an eye for natural beauty. However, the chances are that you’ve never seen anything quite like the Gnome Reserve in Devon, England. Decorated with more than a thousand pixies and gnomes spread across a natural habitat of four acres, this collection of strange creatures watches over a unique garden filled with 250 different species of wildflowers. Just keep in mind that if you decide to take a picture, you will be expected to don a hat or fishing pole – so as not to embarrass the gnomes.

3.    Nebraska: Carhenge

Some people might argue that Stonehenge deserves its own place in this list of strange tourist attractions, but for the purpose of entertainment, we’ve taken the concept one step further. While Carhenge, located in Alliance Nebraska, has nothing to do with ancient people or druids, it’s definitely worth seeing for the visual value alone. The replica of Stonehenge is made up of 38 different classic cars that have been painted grey and carefully arranged into the same positions and proportions as the original.

4.    Tennessee: The Mindfield

Finally, if you’re looking for strange tourist attractions that are bound to blow your mind, this has to be worth a visit. The Mindfield is the life work of an artist from Tennessee known as Billy Trip. This artist used scrap metal to create the largest outdoor sculpture in the state, which spreads across more than an acre, and builds high into the sky. According to Billy Trip, the piece will continue to have pieces added to it for the remainder of his life, and once he dies – he wants to be buried within it.


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