The 7 Travel Attractions You Can Always Count On

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Attractions You Can Always Count On

Despite what the World Tourism Organization considers as a series of “global economic challenges”, more travelers are hitting the road every year in search of worldly experience. In fact, during 2014, the international tourist traffic increased globally by around 5%, which equates to a record of more than one billion trips taken each year.

The tourist attractions that you find the most appealing, and where you choose to spend the majority of your vacation days can sometimes say a lot about the things that you value. Although some of the destinations you visit might be more, or less amazing depending on the time you arrive – such as northern lights and jungle volcano explorations, or even Pokémon appearances, (if you’re still playing Go) that perform based on luck alone, other attractions don’t have to be left to fate.

If you’ve been searching for a reliable, and incredible travel experience, then look no further, as we’ve got the best list of travel attractions you can always count on right here. From predictable natural wonders, to historical military exercises, we’re sure you’ll find something that appeals to you.

Travel Attractions You Can Always Count On. Main Curated

1.    Old Faithful

When it comes to travel attractions you can always count on, what could be more reliable than something actually named for its dependability? Yellowstone is home to many of the world’s best preserved geysers, partially because of the fact that it was the first national park of America, established during 1872. Old Faithful’s eruptions may not be the most frequent, or the largest, but they’re certainly the most consistent, and shoot about 8,000 gallons of water around 180 feet into the air every ninety minutes.

If you’re planning to catch the spectacle yourself, you might want to take a travel umbrella in case of back spray. What’s more, you can ensure you’re well-prepared by checking out the crowds of gathering tourists on the Old Faithful Live cam.

2.    The Eiffel Tower Sparkles

While a lot of people are willing to travel to Paris just for the chance of taking a picture of the Eiffel Tower, there’s more to this tourist attraction than you might think. Every night, you can party like it’s 1999, from sundown until around 1am. This is because each night, the tower is home to 20,000 flashing lights that were originally installed for the New Year’s Eve celebration for the millennium.

Fifteen years from their original installation, the Eiffel Tower Sparkles create a wonderful image for tourists at the top of every hour – a spectacle that’s frequently applauded from passers-by.

3.    The Changing of the Guard

Huge crowds of tourists gather daily in front of Buckingham Palace for a chance to see the new guard relieve the old one from their morning post. This incredible, and historical ceremony involves a collection of red-coated soldiers shouting orders, and marching in a highly-orchestrated ceremony that can last for up to around 45 minutes.

You can catch this display of British pageantry on a daily basis at 11.15 am, but you might want to get there early if you’re hoping for a decent view. While the event is sometimes cancelled for heavy rainfall, drizzle that you can defend yourself from with a travel umbrella won’t be enough to spoil the show.

4.    The Peabody Ducks

Another popular, and well-known addition to this list of reliable tourist attractions, the Peabody ducks in Memphis can offer a fantastic spectacle for anyone who loves a combination of cuteness and sophistication. Families with young kids particularly enjoy this option in our list of travel attractions you can always count on.

The tradition dates back to a prank played by the general manager in the 1930s. Every day, the red carpet is unrolled, and the Peabody downtown hotel welcomes an adorable collection of VIP ducks into the lobby. Make sure you get there early if you want to see the event, however, as the ducks often run all the way to the Italian marble fountain!

5.    The Bridge of Bats

As tourist attractions you can always count on go, this one sounds creepier than it actually is. Like a scene from a movie, 1.5 million bats suddenly emerge from beneath the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, causing hundreds of people to gather around on Summer nights to see the largest urban bat colony in the world.

The best time to arrive is around dusk, and remember that these bats are more interested in chomping on insects than sucking your blood. You have nothing to worry about, so long as you don’t try to capture one as a souvenir.

6.    The Dubai Fountain

Set up against the Burj Khalifa Lake, this mesmerizing spectacle of graceful water jets and lights makes up one of the greatest tourist attractions in the world. The Dubai fountain blasts jets of water as high as 500 feet in the air, and at night the lights shine so brightly that they can actually be seen from space!

The dancing fountain is considered to be the largest in the world, and it works in tune to various songs, including classical tunes, middle eastern music, and of course – Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Catch it every day between 1 and 1:30pm, as well as every half-hour at night from 6 to 11pm.

7.    The Symphony of Lights

If water doesn’t float your boat, then the symphony of lights laser show in Hong Kong might be the perfect solution for you when it comes to travel attractions you can always count on. The show, which is divided into 5 parts, takes thirteen minutes to complete in total, and builds the excitement slowly until the skyscrapers erupt with light and color.

The tickets to this, the world’s largest lightshow, are free, but some of the best vantage points come from incredible penthouse bars like the Sevva. You can see it every night from 8pm, so long as it isn’t disrupted by extreme weather.

Finding the Best Tourist Attractions

Your favorite tourist attractions are likely to be different to ours – as everyone has a different taste when it comes to enjoying the wonders of the world. However, we hope that with a travel umbrella, and a sense of adventure, you’ll enjoy at least a couple of the options we outlined above, and share your experience with us in the comments!






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