How to Stay Fit and Healthy On Vacation

Alan Morrison

Stay Fit and Healthy On Vacation


Vacations are a fantastic excuse to get up and get active. With so many new experiences to explore, there’s really no excuse for sitting in your hotel room for longer than a few minutes at a time (unless you’re sleeping of course!). Even if it’s raining, you can grab your trusty windproof travel umbrella and take off on an adventure.

It’s a shame then, that so many people struggle when it comes to figuring out how to stay fit and healthy on vacation. Following, we’ve put together just a few tips on how you can ensure you stick to your exercise routines, and maintain good physical health, even when you’re taking a break from the 9 to 5 grind.

1.    Avoid Taxis and Trolleys – Sight-See On Foot

While trying out the local transportation can be a great way to immerse yourself in some new culture during your vacation, it also prevents you from getting the most out of your walking shoes. If you know that your hotel is located close by to some great tourist destination, lace up your shoes, or grab your sturdiest pair of sandals and plan out an excursion yourself. Taking the trip on foot could even allow you to find some hidden gems that you would have missed on a standard tour.

2.    Play with the Kids

It’s your vacation, so you can always take some time to relax and sunbathe by the pool – but remember to have some calorie-burning time with the kids too. Play pool games, hire a bike and go for a ride, or pick up some seashells along the shore that you can make into something pretty when you get home. This will not only keep you fit and healthy, but it’ll keep the kids smiling too.

3.    Try Something New

If you’re heading to a relatively popular resort somewhere in the sunnier countries of the world, the chances are that you’ll find plenty of activity options located nearby that you can try out – from horseback riding, to surfing, scuba-diving, and hiking. Don’t be afraid to try a couple of these new things for yourself. They’re not only a great way to build some incredible memories with your family, but they’re also a wonderful way to burn calories in ways you wouldn’t have a chance to explore at home.

4.    Learn Your Local Area

Rather than planning where you’re going to go for each meal in advance, or picking a hotel that delivers meals straight to your room, why not go and track down some local cuisine and treats yourself by learning the local area? Go for a walk in the streets close by to your hotel, and don’t be afraid to ask for tips and advice from the local residents and concierge service. The chances are that this way you’ll be far more likely to find some of the favorite hangouts that aren’t often advertised to tourists – giving you a brand new experience of your surroundings.


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