8 Outdoor Vacation Ideas for Active Travelers

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Outdoor Vacation Ideas for Active Travelers

For many globetrotters, outdoor vacation ideas represent days spent lounging on the beach, chilling by the pool, and browsing the local stores. While that might be the perfect vacation for some people – it’s not necessarily your idea of a great time. If  you want more adventure and activity when you travel, it’s good to know you’re not limited to skiing and walking tours.

8 Outdoor Vacation ideas

Today, people have more access to the world around them than ever before.

As long as you’re willing to keep yourself safe with research, a money travel wallet, and some common sense, you can explore fantastic regions from across the globe. What’s more, there are plenty of vacation ideas for active travelers that don’t need to cost a fortune too! Following, we’ll show you just some of our favorite places, and activities, for active adventurers.

Outdoor Vacation Ideas for Active Travelers

1.    Horseback Riding in Bali

Known as the “Island of the Gods”,Bali’s stunning and varied landscape of mountains and hills, sandy beaches and rugged coastlines, and even barren volcanic sites provide a beautiful backdrop to the spiritual and unique culture of the area. For many people, it represents a “must-see” option in terms of outdoor vacation ideas (even if banning alcohol is a possibility)

If you’re planning a vacation in Bali – why not skip the old-fashioned tourist busses and walking tours, and explore your version of paradise with a four-legged friend? Horse riding tours are great for exercise, and can be booked with children too. You get to choose your package according to your riding skills, and can decide to ride for an hour, or the entire day.

2.    Diving in Ecuador

When it comes to ideas for active travelers, Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands offer an experience unlike any other. Follow the footsteps of Charles Darwin as you learn how this incredible collection of islands has allowed a range of unique animal species to grow and flourish.

A diving trip is the best way to discover sights of lifeforms you wouldn’t see anywhere else on earth. Giant tortoises, marine iguanas and Galapagos penguins are just some of many native and endemic animal species of Ecuador.

However, if you get bored, there’s also plenty of opportunities for hiking, boating, surfing, and snorkeling too. Just be sure to keep your money travel wallet in the hotel safe if you’re going underwater.

3.    Snowshoe Trekking in Lapland

Lapland in Finland is everything you could wish for from a true winter wonderland. The buzz of the ski resorts and local towns is just minutes away from the peace and beauty of the wilderness. Plan your visit at just the right time, you might even have a chance to see the Northern Lights.

Since most outdoor vacation ideas seem to revolve around skiing these days, why not try snowshoe trekking instead? It’s not only a fantastic form of exercise – but also a great way to ensure you see some amazing views. Afterwards, you can enjoy some time in the sauna as part of your overall Finnish experience too.

4.    Flightseeing in Canada

Yukon in Canada impresses in so many  ways and has so much to offer for active travelers.

Large land mass, larger than Belgium, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands combined provides some of the most pristine wilderness adventures. So big, yet so sparsely populated, with only 40 000 people who live there guarantees unique wilderness experience.

The capital of Whitehorse is a good spot to set up a base before heading out to activities. For individuals who like to stay active on their vacation Yukon has more than abundant outdoor vacation activities to offer;

  • Alpine climbing
  • Glacial whitewater rafting
  • Canoeing and kayaking in most spectacular scenery and unique wildlife viewing
  • Fishing in miles long rivers, streams and lakes. Taking a float plane into pristine wilderness for a true fishing trip of a lifetime is also possible.
  • Dog Sledding
  • Snowmobiling or riding

Some visitors choose to take in the views by “flightseeing“, a process which involves booking a small plane to fly up the glacier and embark in a hike. The long hours of daylight during the summer months mean you get plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of the area.

5.    Mountain Biking in Austria

Work your way through incredible landscapes in pure mountain air, with scenic routes throughout the most beautiful surroundings you’ve ever seen (complete with well-posted cycle paths). If you’re already a cyclist, then Austria should be a must-see destination. If you’re not, then there’s still plenty of incredible reasons to get started.

The Vienna Woods offers mountain biking trails in the area for every skill level and taste. There are 46 trails with different levels of difficulty. Strap on your money travel wallet and go see the sights.

6.    Rock Climbing in Romania

Romania is brimming with arts, history, and scenic beauty

There’s something inherently natural about Romania that makes it an oddly spiritual place to visit. Rock  climbing can allow you to experience the full majesty of the area from an entirely new angle.

When it comes to outdoor vacation ideas for active travelers, there are few ways to get involved right in the heart of the scenery that are as effective as rock climbing.

The best time to visit Romania if you’re planning to go rock climbing, is between May and September. However, it’s worth noting that you should probably avoid June, as it’s generally the wettest month of the year.

7.    Backpacking in California

Most lists of outdoor vacation ideas need to have at least one mention towards backpacking.

In Big Sur, California, you can enjoy breathtaking views across California’s coastline, where the mountains of Santa Lucia drop into the pacific, creating an image you’re bound to recognize from paintings across the globe.

There’s plenty of opportunities for backpacking, camping, fishing, and beach combing, however, it’s important to avoid swimming in the ocean – as this is often regarded as quite dangerous. If you really want to take a dip, visit the Big Sur River at one of its many access spots.

8.    Hiking in Madeira

Finally, hiking might be one of the most old fashioned ideas for active travelers that we’ve addressed on this list. Sometimes, hiking really is one of the best ways to take in the sights and doesn’t necessarily mean it should be ignored.

Madeira, for example, is a location that’s all about incredible mountains – whether you’re hiking, trekking, or taking Levada walks, the island offers everything you could possibly want.

You can choose a route that fits your preferences perfectly too – either something relaxing and comfortable, or a challenging physical activity – It’s all up to you.

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