The New VENTURE 4TH RFID Neck Wallet for 2018

Fabian Obrist

Black RFID Neck Pouch

Introducing the New VENTURE 4TH RFID Neck Wallet for 2018

We are committed to producing innovative products like our RFID neck pouch, complete with its adjustable strap, lightweight design, and moisture-resistant construction.

Since we first introduced our 1st VENTURE 4TH passport holder, we’ve been listening to the feedback and reviews sent by you – our beloved customers – to help us adapt and improve our product. Now, we’re ready to deliver the best neck pouch we’ve ever designed, prepared for 2018 and the years ahead.

Update Your Travel Accessories with VENTURE 4TH

Our latest neck wallet comes with all the fantastic features that you’d expect here at Venture 4TH, including impeccable rip-stop fabric designed to stand the test of time, WKK zips for better durability, and an adjustable strap so you can choose to wear your passport holder however you like.

Additionally, our new neck pouch also comes with the latest in RFID protection, ideal for an era of spending driven by contactless card payments and radio frequency technology. Our RFID protected material ensures that even the most advanced skimming devices cannot access your personal details when your passports and cards are protected in your VENTURE 4TH passport holder.

Perfect for Both Men and Women

Designed to fit comfortably on both men and women, the 2018 VENTURE 4TH RFID neck wallet retains the same streamlined design that makes it practically invisible when worn beneath your clothing. If you’re traveling in an unfamiliar area, the wallet will keep your belongings hidden, and out of the hands of pickpockets and thieves.

At the same time, if you choose to wear your passport holder over your clothing, our new range of colors for 2018 will help you to show off your personal style. The latest design includes options for red, grey, black, and navy materials.

Ready to take the next step towards sensational travel? Explore the latest VENTURE 4TH neck wallet today – available from Amazon.


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