Great Group Vacations: Best Places to Travel with an Entourage

Alan Morrison

Best Places for Group Travel

If you’ve spent a few years travelling alone and you’re ready for some vacation company – or you’re simply not one to go on a trip without some friends and family along for the ride, then the group vacation may be the perfect solution for you. There are plenty of exciting options for group trips available in the world today – regardless of what kind of traveler you are.

If you’re not sure where to get started in picking your upcoming destination, we’ve got a few solutions for great group vacations right here. Grab a travel sized umbrella, and browse through our list for some inspiration that might help to inform your next travel experience.

1.    Amsterdam

A cultural hub, Amsterdam is perfect for food, nightlife, and excitement. A one-of-a-kind destination, this location is filled with beautiful locals and friendly people, and it’s a hot-spot for European travelers too. If you’re looking for something a little more “budget friendly” in your great group vacations, Amsterdam is a steal – with Schiphol being one of the major airports in the world.

Start off by grabbing some food at Omelegg, then join a cycle tour with some of the happy groups around your local area. Once you’re done cycling, visit the Farmer’s market in Jordaan, and visit Vondelpark for a picnic, while dropping into the Van Goh Museum and Rijksmuseum nearby.

2.    London

There’s so much to do in London, it’s hard to get bored – even if you visit the same location every single year. If you’re new to the capital of England, head straight to the East-end to check out where the hipsters roam, and enjoy some local street art. Once you’ve had enough of that, try wandering through the streets and looking at some talented graffiti art, before you visit a couple of great local markets.

For a cold drink at an incredible bar, grab the tube to Angel station and head to Slim Jim’s – an American bar that contains a ceiling filled with bras. On the other hand, you could always try hitting Egg London, where some of the best DJs around play all the way up to 8am in the morning.

3.    Prague

By far one of the most stunning cities in Europe, Prague is home to stunning buildings to explore with your cultural friends, and delicious food too. Walk along the Charles Bridge and take in some of the surrounding beauty, then book yourself onto a food tour to sample some of the most incredible Czech beer and food around.

If you want the ultimate sunset experience with your group, make sure that you take the time to travel to Vitkov Hill. There, you’ll see one of the best views in Prague, where you can capture some incredible pictures with new and old friends alike. Finally, when the time comes to start winding down, head to U Zlateho Tygra – a beer hall where you don’t order your drinks – you simply wait for your beer to come to you (in a literally never-ending supply).


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