How to Pick Your Next Group Trip: Quick Travel Tips

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Quick Travel Tips

Choosing to ditch the isolation of solo travel and connect with a larger group of like-minded adventurers during your next vacation is a great way to get more out of your money, and expand your social circle. Since you can rest assured that the other people on your trip are probably interested in the same itinerary as you, and the cost of your vacation will often be split among numerous people, you can get a great experience for a minimal spend.

Of course, for people who haven’t really experimented with group travel before – beyond journeys with friends and family – finding a way to get involved with a larger number of people and limit your expense can be difficult. After all, there’s more to group tours and team adventures than grabbing your money security belt and turning up in time for breakfast. Here, we’ll cover the pros and cons of group travel, as well as some quick travel tips, to help you decide whether a group trip is right for you.

The Positive Side of Group Travel

One of the biggest benefits of group travel, is that there’s undoubtedly safety in numbers. In other words, unlike during solo vacations when you might be tempted to clutch your money security belt at all times of the day and avoid certain pathways, with group travel, you can be free to explore with less concern. After all, you’re with a number of people that are going to be looking out for themselves, and you – and thieves are less likely to target tourists in huge crowds.

On top of that, one of the best parts of group travel is the fact that it can be a lot of fun. After all, sharing several unique and exciting experiences with your travel companions is likely to bring you all a lot closer, and even promote some great memories together. A group trip also helps to relieve some of the loneliness and isolation that solo travelers often feel. Travelling with someone else – or a group of different people can help you feel as though you have a real friend and ally on side when you’re out there exploring the world.

The Problems with A Group Trip

The main reason why people avoid group travel, is that they don’t appreciate other people dictating their itinerary. In other words, if you can’t be flexible and willing to do things that might not be in your top-ten list of attractions, then you might need to avoid a group trip.

The chances are that when you choose to travel, you will do so knowing certain experiences that you want to have – and having other people around could prompt you to give up on things that you want to do. What’s more, it can sometimes be frustrating to have to wait around for other people to get money, get ready, and pick up their laundry. Still, if you choose the right trip for what you want to accomplish, and you’re willing to compromise, then a group trip might not be as restrictive as you think.

Quick Travel Tips for Your Group Trip

If you don’t like travelling alone, or you’re the kind of person who always likes to have their plans run smoothly, then the chances are you’ll be well-served by a group trip. Many people enjoy group trips because they run according to a specific plan – and provide a range of people to talk to when you’re feeling a little homesick or lonely.

If you decide that a group trip is the perfect option for your next vacation, then you need to make sure that you pick the right one for your needs. Fortunately, these quick travel tips might be able to help.

1.    Choose a Trip that Matches your Style

Even if you find a bunch of group tours that all take place in the same destination – that doesn’t mean that they will all provide the same experience. It’s important to book your trip based on your unique priorities. Remember that some tours will be activity-based, whereas others will focus on exploring culture or food. Learn as much as you can about each of the trips that are available to you and create a list of pros and cons for each one. By the time you’ve finished your research, you should have a pretty solid idea of which trips are most suited to your needs, and which aren’t right for you.

2.    Decide if Flexibility is Crucial

Some of the group trips that you explore when booking your next adventure, will have itineraries that mark down every second of your day, from the time that you strap on your money security belt, to the time that you roll into bed at night. If you don’t want much free time, and you’re happy to follow the schedule of someone else, then these kinds of trips could be perfect for you. On the other hand, if you’re the kind of traveler who likes to keep things flexible, then you might want to look elsewhere for a tour that provides plenty of versatility and room to do your own thing.

3.    Should You Pick a Smaller Group?

Most group trips won’t include more than 16 people. Everything will take a lot longer if you have more people to worry about – including hotel meals and check-ins. Also, many larger groups will rely upon buses for transportation, and these can be too big to get into the center of smaller towns around places like Europe. Of course, travelling in a larger group does mean that you get to reduce your price significantly. The bigger your group is, the less you’ll have to pay for the experience.

4.    Diversity and Age

If you’re looking to travel with people who fit your age-range specifically, then make sure you pick your trip accordingly. You should be able to learn more about the kind of people that attend certain tours by reading reviews and even speaking to the people that organize the trips to begin with. If you can’t get in touch with a representative from a website or brochure, then try reading on local forums or getting in touch with other people who you know have used the same travel company before.


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