Where to Go on Vacation with Your Money Pouch and Your Baby

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If you’ve always been a little obsessed with travel, there’s nothing that says you need to give up your dream of adventure and exploration when someone new joins your little family. While it can be a lot easier to find a vacation destination for you and your older children, there are still plenty of opportunities out there when you want to go on vacation with your baby or toddler too!

While looking after, a baby is a lot of work, they’re also portable and lightweight, just like your money pouch – which means you can pretty much take them with you wherever you go. On top of that, a lot of hotels and airlines will give them a free ride – so you don’t have to worry about excess costs! With that in mind, why not strap on your moneybelt, and take a look at some of our ideas on where to go on vacation with your baby.

1.    Paradise Island – the Bahamas

There’s nothing quite like a week or two at the beach with your money pouch to help you get rid of the stresses of daily life. At Paradise Island, you can use the Prompt Response Line to order extra things you need to look after your child, including gentle travel kits, feedings, and custom meals. You can even hire a CPR-Certified babysitter if you want to spend a night on the town.

2.    Olympic National Park – Port Angeles

With plenty of tropical rainforests, mountain vistas, and tidepools at the coast, there are a range of beautiful things for you to enjoy at the Olympic National Park. At the same time, as you’re wandering around and taking in the wildlife, your children will be catching a glimpse of some of nature’s most fantastic wonders, including glow rooms after sunset and skittering salamanders.

3.    New York’s Catskill Region

New York isn’t only about the hustle and bustle of city life. There’s a rural element to it to which can be found in the Catskill region. You’ll be able to introduce your child to plenty of farm animals, while you enjoy some time away from the chaos with plenty of warm hospitality, delicious food, and wonderful sunshine in the country.

4.    Disney Fantasy Cruise

Though Disney always seems like the perfect vacation choice for families with young children, the truth is that hauling a baby or toddler around incredibly expensive theme parks might not be the best way to relax during your vacation – even with a money pouch to put your mind at ease. A much simpler option is to try the Disney Dream or Disney Fantasy cruise. You can choose from a range of beautiful cabin rooms with extra special elements for children to enjoy, and there are a range of fantastic entertainment options for both you and your youngsters to enjoy. Toddlers and babies can even get pictures with characters on the regular meet and greet, while older children play in “splash zones” and watch movies on huge LED screens.

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