The Best Travel Apps for Kids

Alan Morrison

Best Travel Apps for Kids

Avoid the repetitive tones of your children asking “Are we there yet” by stocking up on plenty of high-tech entertainment for your next road trip. Whether you’re flying, taking the train, or driving your way to your chosen destination, these virtual apps are sure to keep younger and older kids happy for at least a few hours, so you can either focus on the road, or getting some much needed rest.

All you need to make the most of them is a worldwide travel adapter plug so you can recharge in-between journeys, and your choice of smartphone or tablet.

1.    123: Color – Talking Coloring Book

If you’re traveling with younger children and you want to avoid the mess of crayons and scraps of paper in the backseat, try the 123: Color app. Known as one of the top apps for kids according to apple, this road trip companion comes installed with more than 200 different coloring pages, as well as sound options so your kids can be given positive reinforcement as they color. There’s also a range of world maps on the iPad version that offer basic geography lessons to your kids during your journey.

2.    Minecraft Pocket Edition

Though a little pricier than some of the other apps available today, Minecraft pocket edition is one of the most popular applications for kids around – all the way from youngsters to teenagers. You’ll find that this particular game is worth its weight in gold as your children spend the majority of your long-haul journey tapping away at the screen while they dig for precious metals, and fight armies of zombies or skeletons.

3.    Cut the Rope

If Minecraft is a little bit too advanced for your younger child, but they still enjoy getting involved with games, this little puzzle masterpiece could be a smash hit. Based on casual physics, the app helps to pass time on the road by encouraging children to find ways to cut a rope in order to get a piece of candy into the main character (Om Nom)’s mouth. The download has won a range of awards over the years, and is a favorite among kids and parents alike.

4.    Pokemon Go

Perhaps the most popular app to ever hit the gaming market, Pokemon Go created a storm of excitement when it hit the play and app stores in 2016. Though your kids probably won’t be able to capture many Pokémon when you’re driving down the highway, they can always take the app out and go for a small hunt to stretch their legs whenever you need to take a rest stop.

5.    Balloonimals

Finally, we all know that children love balloons – but you probably don’t want them playing with them on a train or in your car. Fortunately, this app offers a great alternative, by allowing your kids to design their own balloon animals in a fun and exciting way. You can simply blow on the microphone of your phone to start inflating a balloon, then shake the phone to bring it to life.

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