The Best Summer Vacations for Families with Teens in 2017

Fabian Obrist

The Best Summer Vacations

It’s hard to find a better way of bonding with your children than through the wonder and adventure of a family vacation. As any parent, will tell you, the time between your child being nothing more than a baby, and the day when he or she moves out to college seems to speed by in the blink of an eye. That means that families with teens will soon discover that their children are far “too cool” for the yearly family getaway.

If you’re convinced that your youngsters will be planning their own explorations next year with college friends or significant others, this might be your final chance to pull out all the stops and give them one of the best summer vacations they’ll ever have. Here’s your chance to shine, make some truly amazing memories, and make sure that your children remember the sunny weeks spent with you for years to come.

To help you accomplish all of that, we’re going to look at some of the best summer vacations for families with teens in 2017.

1.    Surf’s Up

There are few ways to have more fun, and get fit on holiday, while still being incredibly cool. Surfing manages to give you and your teens that access to an incredible workout that most of us need today, as well as plenty of excitement, thrills, and great memories too. Head to Polzeath beach in Cornwall for a surprising surfing adventure.

You can keep phones and devices in your passport neck pouch, or neck purse during this activity. Your kids will barely have a chance to check their tweets when they’re dealing with the rolling Atlantic waves of the ocean, and enjoying the sights of the stunning wild coast of Cornwall. You’ll find that surfing lessons are cheap – and if you get bored, you can always check out the local golf courses and natural hiking locations instead. If you’re looking for a vacation that’s a little out of the ordinary, this trip will combine seaside comfort with English culture and exotic thrills.

2.    Join the Party People

The family that parties together – stays together. If you’re one of those groups of relatives who likes to go out for drinks on a weekend and hit the dance floor from time to time, then there’s no vacation spot quite like Ibiza for a wild time in the sun. Ibiza is known for being the party hub of the world – home to some of the best nightclubs you’ll ever visit, a stunning coastline with plenty of beautiful coves, and a range of the most stylish hotels in the Mediterranean.

Whether you’re hoping to soak up the sun, dance the night away, or simply find a brand-new way to socialize outside of your natural environment, Ibiza has it all. Just try to set some boundaries before you get on the plane if you want to limit the number of embarrassing photos uploaded to Facebook. Perhaps hide your phone in your passport neck pouch when necessary.

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