The Best Places to Cycle in the UK

Alan Morrison

Best Places to Cycle in the UK

Cycling is a fantastic way to stay healthy and explore the world at the same time. No other pastime quite gives you the same fun and freedom when it comes to boosting your heart rate, getting your blood flowing, and helping you discover new and amazing places in the cities and towns that you visit.

If you’re considering an adventure to the UK sometime soon, we’ve got a fantastic list of some of the best cycling spots you should visit during your stay. We’re sure that you’ll love these routes if you’re looking for adventure and stunning views. All you need is a bike (rent one just about anywhere), a thirst for exploration, and your RFID wallet to keep your finances secure along the way.

1.    Essex Creeks

Visit the estuaries of the rivers Roach, Crouch, Blackwater and Colne to enjoy a stunning, yet convenient cycling route. Fed by a series of creeks that spread inland, these charming tracks are a delight to ride on if you’re looking for quiet villages and gentle nature. The Creek’s lanes can be a little complex to manage if you’re new to riding, but if you enjoy a session on your bike you shouldn’t have any problems.

2.    Seaside South Downs

The South Downs are one of the best places to cycle in the UK. A range of hills that run from Brighton, they cover a range of great cycling locations – particularly at the eastern tip where the hills meat the sea. At Beachy Head (the highest chalk cliff on the south coast), you can enjoy some truly spectacular views. In fact, on a clear day you can see all the way to France.

3.    Southern Snowdonia

The circuit of Snowdon that uses the Llanberis Pass offers plenty of incredible sights from the highest mountain in Wales. Stick to Tremadog Bay for incredible sea views. The combination of mountains and water should be enough to leave you enchanted on these incredibly cycling routes. Just remember that the passes can sometimes be busy because this destination is so popular for explorers and tourists.

4.    The Forest of Dean

The Forest of Dean offers everything you would expect from a gorgeous British forest, combined with quiet roads and amazing mountain views. A very hilly area, you might find that this location makes cycling tough – but some of the hilltops are bare, which can offer you incredible views over the Welsh mountains. Remember, the best experiences come to those who are willing to work for them!

5.    Jurassic Coast

Finally, if you’re looking for history, scenic views, and tiny seaside lanes, then the Jurassic Coast is the perfect cycling route for you. Although you won’t find any actual dinosaurs in this area, you might find some fossils hidden within the sea-scoured cliffs. What’s more, if you want a truly incredible experience of the Jurassic Coast, remember to thread through the sea roads between the towns – soaking up all the culture you find along the way.

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