The 6 Best Places to Visit with Friends

Alan Morrison

Best Places to Visit with Friends

What’s the one thing that could make travelling to an amazing vacation destination even better? Going there with your best friend. There’s no denying that incredible memories can be made when you travel with your nearest and dearest, but figuring out exactly where you should go can be something of a challenge (particularly if you all have different ideas).

We’ve put together a list of the best places to visit with friends in the coming years – whether you’re a party animal, or a couple of culture nerds who prefer to take in the sights!

1.    Barcelona, Spain

If your plan is to stay up partying all night long, then you’re going to need to bring some backup. The clubs of Barcelona have incredible dance floors and plenty of life, so you’re going to need a crew of your besties alongside you if you’re going to take them on. What’s more, the pickpocketing problem in Spain can be a little worrying – even if you are wearing your neck travel wallet – so an extra pair of eyes wouldn’t go amiss.

2.    Zermatt, Switzerland

Who wants to ski or snowboard by themselves? Switzerland is home to some of the most famous mountain ranges in the world, with plenty of opportunities to get great videos of your besties falling face first into a pile of snow – it’s no wonder it’s one of the best places to visit with friends.

3.    Budapest, Hungary

Alright, so the whole public bath scene might be weird if you head there with strangers, but it’s a must-see and must-do activity when you’re vacationing with friends. Let’s face it, the only way you’re going to get into a group nude bath is with your friends. Bring a collection of your funniest pals with you, so you can wade topless through the warm water, play naked chess, and enjoy the babes without any hint of weirdness.

4.    Rome, Italy

When it comes to the best places to visit with your friends, Rome is one of the essentials for those of you who love to take in the sights and enjoy some historical culture. Let’s face it, the city is simply too big to explore by yourself – and way too crowded. You’re going to need to keep your spirits and energy high with plenty of banter and lots of support from your nearest and dearest if you want to get through it all in one peace.

5.    Dublin, Ireland

A vacation in Ireland demands some copious drinking – not that we’re condoning reckless behavior – and drinking a lot means that you’re going to need some friends. Sure, you can make a new selection of pals while you’re down there, but heading out with a group of people you trust not to leave you on the streets after one too many pints of beer is always a good idea.

6.    Lisbon, Portugal

Finally, as a party capital, Lisbon is one of the most obvious additions to any list of the best places to visit with your friends. The nightclubs are simply more fun if you’re hanging with friends that you know and love!


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