5 Unique Travel Destinations for Experienced Explorers

Alan Morrison

Unique Travel Destinations

If you’re something of an experienced explorer, and the same old tourist destinations that seem to appear in everyone’s photo album don’t quite appeal to you – then you might be searching for unique tourist destinations that can offer you a new and exciting experience.

If the idea of visiting Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower doesn’t appeal to you, and you’re willing to be a little adventurous, then one of the following suggestions could inspire you to take one of the most incredible trips of your life. Just remember to take your windproof travel umbrella with you off the beaten path – as not all of our unique tourist destinations are in constantly sunny climates.

1.    China – Sichuan

Located in China, Sichuan is home to the Leshan Giant Buddha – an incredible attraction painstakingly carved into the mountainside. Measuring at around 233 feet tall, it was created originally in the eighth century, and is one of the largest known images of the Buddha in the world. Even if you aren’t religious, it makes sense that this location should be on your list of must-see unique tourist destinations.

2.    New Zealand – Pancake Rocks

Found in the South Island of New Zealand, Pancake rocks can be seen on the western edge of Paparoa National Park. Named for the layers, upon layers of sandstone and limestone that gathered on the ocean floor millions of years ago, this testament to history and the natural world is an incredible tourist destination for anyone with an adventurous mind, and a love of breakfast foods.

3.    France – Mont St. Michel

A tidal island, Mont St. Michel is surrounded by water when the tide comes in, and when the water recedes it is surrounded by land. If you can get into the island itself, just off the coast of Normandy, you should visit the Gothic Abbey there that was responsible for housing prisoners during the time of the French revolution. Don’t forget to take your camera too!

4.    Bahamas – Dean’s Blue Hole

If you’ve never heard of a blue hole, they’re areas of water that contain a mixture of seawater and fresh water. The name blue hole refers to the bright blue color that can be seen above the hole, before the space extends way below sea level. Bahama’s “Dean’s blue hole” is the deepest in the world – making it an incredible sight to behold on any list of unique travel destinations.

5.    Turkey – Pamukkale Thermal Pools

Finally, we can promise that you’ve never seen anything quite like the Pamukkale thermal pools of Turkey before. In some places, these watery ridges look like fields of cotton balls, which is perhaps the reason why the name translates to “Cotton Castle”. Each stunning pool is filled with natural hot spring water that cascades down various inclines into different tiers. This option in unique travel destinations is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but it’s also an incredible solution for those who love to spend their vacation relaxing, or swimming.




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