The 5 Best Beach Activities for Families

Alan Morrison

Best Beach Activities for Families

There are plenty of important things to think about if you’re planning a beach vacation for you and the family. Not only do you need to worry about where you’re going to put your money travel wallet if you decide to change into your swimming costume, but you also need to find ways to keep the kids entertained when simply splashing in the sea becomes a little boring.

Beach activities ideas for Best Family Summer Vacation Ever

Following, we’ve put together a list of some of the best things you can do at the beach for a fun and active vacation as a family. Feel free to add your own suggestions of beach activities to the comments at the bottom once you’ve finished reading!

1.    Fly a Kite

It’s a beloved pastime for children and adults alike for a reason. When you’ve got a windy day near the coast during your vacation, you don’t need to take those gusts as a sign that you have to avoid the beach at all costs – instead, make the most of the weather. Grab a kite, or make one yourself if you have the right equipment, and enjoy some bonding time with the family. Just be careful to watch out for wildlife!

2.    Play with the Sand

You don’t need to build a sand castle to have a great time with sand. If you’ve left your buckets at home, try writing in the sand and making imprints with your feet and hands. These will make some great page turning pictures for a scrapbook that you can make together upon your return home.

3.    Catch some Fish

You don’t have to have a professional rod and years of practice to enjoy some of the local marine wildlife. If you can find a little rock pool and some nets, you can encourage your youngsters to capture small fish and crabs, then let them go back into their natural environment. Don’t ever leave them sitting in a bucket in the sun after you’re done, though. Remember to make sure fishing is permitted in the area that you’re visiting.

4.    Design Your Own Scavenger Hunt

If you want some cheap souvenirs to bring home with you, try creating a scavenger hunt for the entire family. Walk on the beach looking for a simple things you could find on the beach, like colored rocks, shells, seaweed, and more. You can make the entire collection into a collage later for another family activity.

5.    Explore a Nearby Cave

Finally, try going for a walk together as a group and looking for nearby caves or coves. Not only does exploring these places feel more special, because they’re generally less crowded,but they’ll give you a great opportunity to take some fantastic pictures and make some long-lasting memories with the kids. Just make sure that you watch out for incoming tides and off-limits areas.


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