4 Useful Tips for Travelling with Your Smartphone

Alan Morrison

Travelling with Your Smartphone

It’s safe to say that travelling with your smartphone can certainly make any adventure – from a family vacation to a business trip – a lot easier. From Google translate applications that allow you to instantly see words transformed into your own language, to maps, and even TripAdvisor for tips on where to eat and visit, there’s more reasons to keep your cell phone handy than ever before.

Travelling with your smartphone is even beneficial when it comes to keeping in touch with your loved ones – particularly if your hotel has free Wi-Fi that you can trust. Of course, if you want to make the most of your phone while abroad, there are a few tips you might need to follow in order to avoid unnecessary stress like extra expenses and hacked data.

1.    Beware the Wi-Fi

While we all love using free Wi-Fi, it’s important to be careful about what you use it for. Whether travelling with your smartphone abroad, or simply catching the train to work, avoid using a public Wi-Fi connection to do anything that involves entering usernames or passwords. In other words, try to wait to do your mobile banking until you get home.

Also, whenever possible, use 2-step verification on your accounts, as this will offer a beneficial boost of extra security.

2.    Consider Turning Off Auto-Sync

If you’re using a local SIM card in your phone while travelling that charges per megabyte, you’ll be best served by turning auto-sync off. This setting allows various apps across your phone to check for new updates, info, and more, and when it’s left to work by itself, it can quickly soak up your data and ration away all of your budget.

At the same time, turning off auto-sync means that you won’t be constantly pestered by email notifications and other concerns that might take your mind off the rest and relaxation you want when on vacation. Of course, if you’re on a business trip and you have a SIM that comes with unlimited data, feel free to leave auto-sync on.

3.    Take a Universal Charger

If you’re heading to an unfamiliar destination, then a universal plug adapter could be the most important accessory to take with you – especially if you’re planning on using your smartphone regularly. After all, without this gadget, you’ll quickly find yourself running out of juice, and you might not be able to find a cheap way of re-charging until you get home. Many universal adapters that are sold in hotels and foreign stores take advantage of desperate tourists when it comes to price.

Be sure to invest in advance, and you’ll have the power to make the most of travelling with your smartphone.

4.    Invest in a Case

Finally, depending on how clumsy you are, and the value of your phone, it might be worth investing in a case and screen protector. The last thing you want is to come home with a smartphone that has a cracked screen or a chipped body.

Phone cases today come in a range of shapes, sizes, and styles to suit just about every gadget – and you can often purchase one without breaking the bank too!


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