Simple Travel Tech to Ease Your Vacation Headaches

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Simple Travel Tech

Travel as we know it is changing, which means that there are new ways to enjoy exploring the world, new experiences to collect, and of course, new vacation headaches to worry about. From running out of power on your smartphone only to find that your charging cable won’t connect to the local outlets, to searching for ways to stave off the boredom associated with long-haul flights, it helps to know that there are some simple travel tech solutions out there that can banish the worries of everyday journeys, and help you get more from your next adventure.

Of course, the rush of new innovations over the recent years could easily put you in a position where you end up filling your suitcase so full of technology, that you don’t have enough room for other essentials (like clothes). Rather than going overboard with the latest gadgets and devices, why not use our list of simple travel tech to help you decide which inventions you need to have the best possible vacation?

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1.    A Tablet or E-reader

When it comes to simple travel tech, an e-reader may be the best option, particularly if you have a rather small budget to work with. However, if you’re hoping to use your tech to do everything from playing games, to browsing the internet, then you might be better served by a tablet computer.

Either way, these slim and lightweight devices provide a fantastic way to cut down on the space and weight you might otherwise use up on hefty items like books, games, and even your standard laptop. With an e-reader or tablet, you can cast away vacation headaches by giving yourself a useful way to while away the hours on a long flight, or even do some research from your hotel room, provided you have access to Wi-Fi. Just remember that you’re going to need a worldwide plug convertor if you’re heading outside of the country.

2.    A Worldwide Plug Convertor

Whether you’re taking a tablet, e-reader, or portable games console with you on vacation – or not, you’re still going to need a worldwide plug convertor. Why? Because you can bet you’re going to need it to charge your smartphone. Rather than running the risk that you might fry your favorite gadgets the next time you go overseas, avoid those pesky travel headaches by preparing in advance with a convertor solution that’s bound to fit, anywhere you go.

These days, you can even get power convertors that come with USB ports, so that you don’t have to take up extra outlets when you need to charge your tablet, phone, or anything else.

3.    A Portable Travel Charger

Most lists of simple travel tech to take with you on your next vacation will include some sort of external power source that you can keep on-hand in case of emergencies. Portable travel chargers can be charged up using your worldwide plug convertor in your hotel room, then stored in your backpack or pocket as you explore your destination, just in case you suddenly run out of juice.

Most of the time, these useful power banks are small enough to fit in your shorts, or shirt pocket, and they’re lightweight too, so you don’t have to worry about lugging them around during a hike or a particularly long adventure.

4.    Noise Cancelling Headphones

The worrying noise generated by airplanes isn’t the only threat you need to think about in relations to your ears in vacation. What about those annoying extra passengers, or the roommates that simply won’t shut up in your hostel?

They might not be the most innovative pieces of tech on the market today, but a pair of noise-cancelling headphones are sure to become your best friend when you find yourself trapped on a flight with a noisy child, or desperately trying to block out the sound of snoring in your hotel room. Too much noise can lead to very literal vacation headaches, so invest in some simple travel tech that you can comfortably sit with on a plane or train, and even sleep with if you need to.

5.    A Luggage Tracker

If you’ve ever dealt with the strain of losing your luggage while travelling, then you’ll know how tedious it can be trying to get those valuables back. Fortunately, you can banish travel headaches, and even overcome some anxiety with a piece of luggage tracking tech.

When attached to your suitcase alongside your TSA-approved padlock, these gadgets use a tracker with a GSM chip to keep you informed of your bag’s location at all times. In some cases, you can even schedule it so that when your bag is within thirty feet of you, it sends an alert to your smart phone. Pretty neat for simple travel tech, right?

6.    A prepaid Wi-Fi Hotspot

Finally, we all know just how useful the internet can be when it comes to supercharging your vacation in the modern world. Plenty of common travel headaches, such as checking the times of flights online, staying on top of your emails, or even searching for local restaurants can be alleviated with nothing more than a smartphone and a Wi-Fi connection.

Even if your hotel or airport supplies free Wi-Fi, the chances are that the network won’t be the fastest thing you’ve ever experienced – which can be frustrating for travelers in a rush. With that in mind, pre-paid Wi-Fi hotspots can offer a useful piece of simple travel tech that ensure you can always stay connected, wherever you go. As a pay-as-you go solution to internet connectivity, you only have to pay for what you need, when you need it too – with no contracts whatsoever.

Easing Vacation Headaches with Simple Travel Tech

No matter whether you’re travelling for business, or taking off across the ocean for a memorable family vacation, it’s safe to say that any journey can come with its fair share of headaches and concerns. Fortunately, today’s world of modern innovations and incredible tech means that there’s almost always a solution available to help you make the most of your next adventure – whether it’s a prepaid portable internet connection, or a worldwide plug convertor.


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