4 Important Business Lessons You Can Learn on Vacation

Alan Morrison

Important Business Lessons You Can Learn on Vacation

Recent research has shown that today’s executive could get a number of benefits from simply stepping outside of the office for a quick vacation now and again. Not only does a bit of light travel give you the time you need to relax and recuperate, but it also lets you rethink your business from a newer, fresher angle.

A break from your business will allow you to recharge, gain perspective, and even learn a couple of things if you give it chance. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the most important business lessons you can learn on vacation.

1.    More Isn’t Always Better

When you’re taking a vacation, you need to make decisions – what to pack, what to leave at home, where to go, and where to avoid. During this process, you’ll often find that attempting to cram everything into your suitcase, or schedule, simply doesn’t work out 99% of the time.

The same thought process should apply to your business. Typically, your aim should be on delivering incredible quality in everything that you do – rather than just trying to stuff as much activity into your day as possible.

2.    Expect The Unexpected

As much time as you spend planning your vacation, it’s difficult to predict everything that might happen in a foreign destination. You might run out of battery charge, and have to turn to your universal charger plug for help, or you could lose your cash and have to dip into an emergency fund.

In the same way, in business you’ll need to prepare for whatever challenge confronts you, as best as you can. Think carefully about what you want to achieve in the months ahead, and look into the risks and hurdles that might stop you from getting there.

3.    Rest is Important

Your trip wouldn’t be much of a break if you didn’t have time to relax – and this is one of the most important business lessons you can learn on vacation. While it might be nice to spend the majority of the day sight-seeing and experiencing new things, at the end of the day you’ll still need to set aside time for rest.

In business, it can feel as though you never have the opportunity to stop and relax, but the truth is that you have to make that time for yourself. Take breaks, or you’ll burn yourself out.

4.    Respect Those Who Help You

Finally, when you’re on vacation, you’re representing your home country. That means that you act politely, and show manners to the people who speak to you on the street, the hotel manager that shows you to your room, and even the flight attendants who check your tickets.

Business is rarely a solo venture, and even if the people around you don’t seem to be doing much, the truth is that they’re contributing to your business. Give them the respect and gratitude they deserve, and you’ll create a much more positive image of yourself, and your brand.



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