The 4 Best Walking Tours in Europe

Alan Morrison

Best Walking tours in Europe

Walking tours are a fantastic way to explore the world with a group. Most cities will offer tourists a popular bus tour that will take you around to all the major sights for a nominal fee, but where’s the fun in following a pre-determined route at 20 miles an hour, whizzing past the monuments and memorials that city has to offer, or getting caught in traffic or detours due to roadworks or accidents?


A walking tour negates these problems, by giving you a much freer experience where you can walk at your own pace down your own paths, or with a group of likeminded tourists following an experienced guide. There are fewer limitations when compared to a bus tour, and below we will showcase 4 of the best walking tours to be found in Europe for you to enjoy, so grab your RFID wallet, a pair of good walking boots, and get out there to explore!

Dubrovnik – Croatia


This self-guided tour of the Elafiti Islands on the Adriatic Coast begins with a stay in the walled city of Dubrovnik, where you are free to explore the intricate streets and alleys that spider their way through it. Afterwards, a local ferry will take you to the islands of Lopud, Kolocep and Sipan, each offering enough sights for a couple of days hiking. This is one of the best walking tours in Europe because it has everything: beautiful hills, stunning beaches, and historic towns with churches, harbours and even forts all waiting for the daring adventure to explore!


Amsterdam’s Free Tour – The Netherlands


No trip to the Netherlands is ever complete without a visit to the historic city of Amsterdam, and now you can explore it under the guidance of a trained, English-speaking expert – for free! The basic free Amsterdam tour will take you on a two-and-a-half-hour tour through the city’s main streets, helping you to plan the rest of your trip, or alternatively, they also offer an alternative paid tour of the city’s famous cafes and restaurants, or, for the most adventurous, the infamous Red Light District.

Southern Tuscany – Italy


A great addition to any list of the best walking tours in Europe, The Southern Tuscany tour is a 7-day, self-guided hike through six of Tuscany’s hillside Renaissance towns, stopping at two abbeys along the way, and allowing for many opportunities to sample the local wines and cuisine. Shorter itineraries are also provided, though it is suggested that you lengthen your stay to ensure you experience everything you can in your own time.


Castles of the Rhine – Germany


This 8-night self-guided walking tour takes its participants along the Rhine Gorge, from Bingen to Koblenz, stopping off at the many small villages and 20 castles that line its edges, this is a must tour for those with an interest in Germany’s impressive history. Alternatively, a second route has been mapped that passes through the many vineyards that every village is famous for, an ideal choice for wine lovers. It is suggested that larger numbered parties partake in this tour, so be sure to keep your RFID Wallet with you, just in case the worst should happen.


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