How to Relax On Your Next Flight

Kathelys Pereira

How to Relax On Your Next Flight

For some people, the threat of theft and foreign scams aren’t the only thing that’s worth worrying about when planning a vacation. While you can use a money neck wallet to combat your financial worries, concerns about flying are a little more complicated. Research has shown that the repetitive nature of the news, constantly showing disasters and leaving out all of the journeys that go without a hitch, has amplified garden-variety anxiety for passengers with a fear of taking to the skies.

In fact, today, many people have a skewed impression of the danger that they actually face when they decide to fly to a business meeting or vacation. Commercial flights are actually safer now than they have ever been, and your odds of suffering from something terrible are incredibly small. With that in mind, let’s look at some ways you might be able to relax on your next flight.

1.    Trust the Industry

The truth is that a lot of the worry associated with flying actually comes from projecting misplaced fears onto the travel industry. It’s not so much that you’re worried about your particular seat, or the safety of your flight, but instead you’re focusing on the stories you’ve recently heard on the news that have made you uncomfortable or concerned for your safety. Try to avoid watching the news for a few weeks before your flight, and remind yourself of the statistics. All of the facts point to the indication that you should be fine on your vacation, so take a deep breath, and try to relax on your next flight.

2.    Don’t drink too Much

While it’s natural to knock back a cocktail or two in the airport lounge when you’re feeling nervous, you should try to avoid drinking too much, as the alcohol could make your fears even worse. Not only can the influence of alcohol have an impact on your imagination and amplify your fears, but it can also make it very difficult for you to explain problems to flight attendants and get help when you need it. One or two drinks are fine, just don’t go any further than that.

3.    Distract Yourself

Finally, a good way to relax on your next flight is to find ways to distract yourself as much as possible. Bring your fully-charged smartphone with you and play your favorite games as much as you can without running your battery down. Watch shows on your tablet computer, or stock up on some books by your favorite author that you can store in your hand luggage before your journey. Basically, don’t rely on the in-flight entertainment to keep your mind off your worries – make sure you have plenty of ways to distract yourself with something that you know works to calm you down, and keep you occupied. Try to stay away from shows, books, and magazines that have anxiety-provoking topics in them however, as the last thing you want is to feed your worries and make your fear even worse.


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