What You Need in Your Hand Luggage

Alan Morrison

What You Need in Your Hand Luggage

Whether you’re new to the world of regular travel, or you jet off on a business trip every other weekend, packing your hand luggage can be almost as frustrating and complicated as packing your regular suitcase. Not only do you have to think about all of the things you might need in the space between your home and your hotel, but you also have to ensure you’re meeting with airport guidelines and staying within the weight limit.

Most of the time, you start off by storing your universal charger and a few books for in-travel entertainment, and in moments your bag’s overflowing with other must-haves. If you want to make sure you travel light, but still have everything you could want, here’s a list of what you need in your hand luggage.

1.    Headphones

Long flight, short flight – it doesn’t matter. You can’t beat a pair of noise-cancelling headphones when it comes to staying entertained in the air. Not only can you manage your mood with a selection of your favorite songs, but you can also block out the sounds of rowdy passengers, screaming children, and general crowd chatter. The headphones that you choose will generally depend on your personal preferences, but in-ear buds are often much more compact if you’re looking to save space in your rucksack or hand luggage.

2.    Portable Windproof Umbrella

If you’re headed off on a family vacation to somewhere with sun, sea, and sand, then you might not find a portable travel umbrella to be a hand-luggage essential. However, if you’re going on a business trip, or making an over-night journey, the last thing you want is to be caught in a sudden downpour. A portable windproof umbrella should slip effortlessly into your bag, and will provide a source of durable protection from the elements when you need it most.

3.    Healthy Snacks

While the thought of stocking up on healthy treats may not be the most exciting prospect, nothing is more effective at draining your energy than relying on chips and sweets to keep you going throughout a journey just so that you can avoid the airplane food. Bring along some fruit, nuts, and other healthy options, and you’ll usually feel a lot better by the time you get off the plane. This is particularly important if you’re arriving at your destination and going straight into a business meeting.

4.    Portable Phone Battery

The chances are that you’ll spend much more time on your phone when you’re at an airport, sending emails, catching up with friends, or simply browsing the internet. That means that you’re all the more likely to arrive at your chosen destination with a drained battery. If you need to contact transportation, or use your GPS upon arrival, then you’re going to need an alternative source of power, and that’s where a portable battery can come in handy.

5.    Toothbrush (and Toothpaste)

If you’ve got a long flight to suffer through, then few things will freshen you up faster than brushing your teeth – particularly if you’re meeting someone special at the airport. Your toothbrush shouldn’t take up much space – you might even be able to grab a foldable one!

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