What to Pack for a Trip to Europe: A Simple System

Fabian Obrist

What to Pack for a Trip to Europe

Europe is a fantastic travel destination for adventurous individuals with an eye for culture and experience. Whether you’re planning on spending a week exploring the streets of London, or a semester learning the language in Italy, it’s important to make sure that you have the right guidance handy to make your journey a success.

Knowing what to pack for a trip to Europe is similar to knowing what to pack for any other destination – it requires a general knowledge of the place you’re visiting, as well as consideration of a few universal concerns too.

Step 1: Pack Layers

Regardless of where you’re going, it’s impossible to know exactly what to pack for a trip to Europe in terms of clothes and outfits. The simple reason for this is that the weather appears to change on an almost constant basis – switching from warm and sunny one minute, to wet and chilly the next. A good way to stay prepared is to pack in layers that will keep you comfortable and stylish regardless of what the temperature might be at the time.

When choosing layers, make sure that you select stylish, comfortable items that mix and match well, and stick to materials that are thin and breathable, such as cotton. Careful clothing choices will make sure you stay warm in the mornings and evenings, and cool down as the temperature starts to rise.

Step 2: Add in Your Accessories

Although clothing is an important thing to think about when packing for Europe, you should try not to forget some of the smaller essentials you’ll need during your journey. For Europe in particular, a World Travel Adapter plug is essential, as it will make sure that you can continue to use your technological conveniences, from tablets and smartphones, to hairdryers and more.

Other helpful items to include on your packing list include:

  • A TSA-approved padlock to keep your luggage safe
  • A travel pillow, to protect your neck
  • Ear plugs for noisy hotels
  • A travel towel, just in case
  • A money belt or hidden wallet

Step 3: Select Comfortable Footwear

An interesting thing about Europe is that many locations like to hold onto their own personal history. While it can be exciting to explore old English castles, cobblestone streets, and huge, rolling hills, it also means that you’re going to need a comfortable pair of walking shoes handy. Most adventures in this part of the world will involve at least some exploration, so when it comes to deciding what to pack for a trip to Europe, avoid the stylish stilettos and dress shoes, and select something that supports the arches of your feet and provides adequate cushioning.

It’s often a good idea to steer clear of new shoes when you’re expecting a fair amount of walking, but remember that you can always bring two pairs of shoes if your most comfortable pair are a little worn, and unsuitable for special occasions.

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