Ways to Fly Coach in Comfort

Alan Morrison

Ways to Fly Coach in Comfort

While a journey in economy class is unlikely to feel as though you’re getting the first-class treatment, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of ways you can improve your flying experience as you head off to find your ideal slice of winter sun. Bring the right accessories with you, and maintain a good frame of mind throughout the journey, and the chances are that you’ll step off the airplane with a bigger smile and a sunnier disposition than your fellow passengers.

Following are just some of our favorite ways to fly coach in comfort.

1.    Take a Great Travel Pillow

A fantastic travel pillow can make a world of difference to your flight when it comes to getting a great bit of extra sleep during a long journey – regardless of which fare you’re travelling on. Forget the free cushions that you get as standard with long-haul flights, and look for something that’s specially designed to support your head and neck as you snooze your way through bouts of baby screams and turbulence.

Dreaming peacefully about the wonders of first class is almost as good as being there in person, after all.

2.    Entertain Yourself

With a good pair of headphones and your favorite shows or movies on your tablet or smart phone, you can drift away into a world of your own, and forget all about the cramped spaces and the noisy neighbors around your economy-class cabin. It doesn’t take much to entertain yourself for even the longest of flights, just make sure that you bring a universal plug adapter with you so that you can recharge your technology in between flights.

Oh – and you might want to purchase a few digital versions of your favorite shows too – just in case the plane you’re on doesn’t have a great Wi-Fi connection.

3.    Indulge in Duty-Free Treats

If you’re not impressed by the meals in coach, and you wish you had your own free glasses of champagne to sip as you cruise miles over the ocean, then why not create some DIY luxury with the low-price items you can get through Duty Free? Before you get on the plane, stock up on snacks and chocolates, and give yourself a toast with a small bottle of booze too. Just make sure that you check out all of the restrictions for carrying food and liquids with you on the plane before you purchase too much and ruin one of the best ways to fly coach in comfort.

4.    Pamper yourself on the Plane

While you’re checking out the liquid restrictions for ways to fly coach in comfort – why not see whether you can pack a couple of your favorite toiletries into travel-sized bottles so that you can enjoy a mid-flight spa session in the air? A touch of moisturizer or a last minute face mask could be a great way to help you relax if you’re feeling cramped on a plane. Plus, the right toiletries will also help to ensure that you don’t get dried out by all the humidity.

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