The Most Valuable Apps for Business Travelers

Alan Morrison

Valuable Apps for Business Travelers

Traveling across the globe, or even through your home country for business can be an incredible experience, and a fantastic alternative to spending the majority of your life stuck behind a desk. Unfortunately, there are some annoyances associated with business travel that people need to manage too. With the goal of making business journeys less of a headache, many innovative tech minds have created new and exciting apps perfect for helping workers do everything from manage their itinerary, to find a ride to their hotel.

Following are just some of the most valuable apps for business travelers, so you know what you should install before your next big trip. Just remember that if you’re going to be using your phone regularly you shouldn’t keep it in your money neck pouch in between uses – as this negates the point of hiding your valuables from potential thieves.

1.    An Itinerary Planner

If you have a lot of important tasks to complete during your business trip, from gathering information about a potential new market, to meeting with possible clients and partners, then you’re going to need an itinerary if you want to stay on track. Apps for planning out your entire travel experience can be a great way to give you all the information you need, including flight schedules, meeting information, and bookings in one place.

2.    Weather Apps

While you can always carry your travel umbrella around with you just in case, one of the best ways to stay prepared when you’re exploring a relatively unknown destination, is to have an app that tells you the kind of weather you should be able to expect. Most weather apps won’t be correct one hundred percent of the time, but they will give you a decent overview of the weather situation for your chosen destinations.

3.    Translation Apps

Translation apps are one of the most valuable apps for business travelers who frequently find themselves seeking out business opportunities across the globe. Although these applications won’t necessarily make you fluent in your chosen language, they will give you at least some of the insight you need to ask for directions or initiate a conversation.

4.    Uber

If you have absolutely no idea where to get started with public transport when you’re in an unfamiliar destination, then Uber can be one of the most valuable apps for business travelers. By allowing you to avoid the expense of taxi cabs and ignore the discomfort of having to swap between numerous trains and busses in an attempt to get to a meeting on time, Uber ensures that you’ll find friendly transportation almost wherever you choose to go.

5.    Notepad Applications

Finally, no matter how organized you might be, the chances are that you’re going to need to take notes now and again to remind you of things you need to do either during, or after your trip. Since most of us don’t have the forethought or space to carry around an actual notepad when we’re travelling, a reliable notepad application on your phone that can upload notes to your email address or cloud storage could be a great solution.


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