Useful Travel Accessories That You’ll Want for Your Next Trip

Kathelys Pereira

Useful Travel Accessories

It’s no secret that surviving a long flight can be a challenging experience, particularly when you don’t have the cash required to splash out on a first-class seat. While you can plan every step up to the plane to perfection, with your passport and travel documents stored inside of your protective waist belt, your clothes rolled in your suitcase for optimum space, and your favorite book tucked safely inside of your hand luggage, you’ve still got a number of hours to get through that are bound to push your comfort limits.

The following useful travel accessories are just some of the simplest solutions available for optimizing your next long-haul experience, so that you don’t spend the entire trip cursing the people in luxury seats.

1.    Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Serving up more than double the number of decibels you’re used to hearing at home, jet-related noise isn’t exactly a comforting sound. If you’re hoping for relief that will keep you entertained, and protect your eardrums while you sleep, invest in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones.

While some brands for these useful travel accessories can be quite expensive, they’re also very effective at blocking out unwanted noise, including screaming children and the sound of the passenger next to you snoring.

2.    Portable Charger

More flights than ever before are introducing the option to access Wi-Fi while you’re jetting across the sky, but this entertainment option will quickly become useless if you don’t have the power required to keep your device alive. Fortunately, a portable charger will help to keep you browsing the internet, updating your Twitter status, and enjoying your favorite games for longer.

Most portable chargers give you at least two battery’s worth of charge, which should be enough for many long-haul flights. Just make sure you have a worldwide plug available for when you get to your hotel so you can recharge for the flight home.

3.    Moisturizer

While the pressurized air that you’re exposed to at 36,000 feet might be letting you breathe, it’s also working to dehydrate your skin with humidity levels up to fifty percent less than the natural air you get on land. Bottles of water are always helpful, but it can also be useful to carry some skin moisturizer, eye drops, lip balm, and cleansing wipes if you’re one of the many people who suffer with particularly dry skin.

Just make sure that your toiletries don’t surpass the 3.4-ounce amount allowed by the TSA.

4.    Neck Support

When it comes to useful travel accessories for long haul flights, few things are more important than proper neck support. Although the inflatable collars and carefully shaped pillows that you can get to keep you comfortable on airplane seats don’t look particularly stylish, they can save you days of pain that would otherwise ruin your trip, by providing you with the right alignment and support for the upper spine and neck.

What’s more, these cushions can also be a great way to prevent yourself from accidentally snuggling up and drooling on your neighbor’s shoulder when you sleep.

5.    Laptop Stand

If you’re planning on getting some work done during your journey, one of the most useful travel accessories you can buy is a good laptop stand. The chances are that your seat-mounted tray won’t provide very good support, considering the fact that you can’t stop the person in front of you from reclining at least once during the flight.

A portable laptop stand should provide you with a more neck-friendly angle, whether you’re completing spreadsheets, or watching movies.

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