The Truth about Travel: Vacations Make You Smarter

Alan Morrison

Vacations Make You Smarter

We’ve posted before about the true value of the vacation, and how taking some time out of your busy schedule to try out your travel accessories can help to promote a better lifestyle. Today, however, we’re going to look at how your annual, weekend, or family trip could make you into a more innovative, productive, and clever person.

In today’s chaotic world, it’s tough to take a break that’s long enough to let us finish a cup of coffee – never mind breaks that let us jet around the world. However, moving away from your average daily tasks for a while and refreshing your perspective can do incredible things for both your body and mind.

Your Body Needs Vacations

Studies have shown that more Americans are consistently ignoring their vacation days in an attempt to remain competitive in their chosen career, and meet tight deadlines. Unfortunately, while that might be a great way to show your loyalty to your company – it’s not healthy for you, or your mind. After all, the chances are that a great deal of your productivity is being sapped by a constant desire to take a much-needed break.

Travelling works to improve your health, boost your creativity, and open up new opportunities for innovation – all things that help to transform you into a smarter, more valuable member of any team. So grab your waist money belt, and hit the airport.

How Travel Boosts Brain Power and Creativity

The truth about travel, is that it’s more than just an exciting hobby. Polls and studies have shown that travel can help to prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia, by keeping the brain refreshed and active. The same studies also reveal that most of the people who spend their time traveling are typically more satisfied with their lives in general.

One of the most significant ways that travel works to make you smarter – is to add fuel to your internal creative processes. For most people, creativity is a byproduct of experiencing new and exciting things. That means that if you spend most of your day sitting in an office or commuting back and forth from work – you’re not going to experience any real inspiration. By trying something new, booking an adventure, or simply going somewhere different for a while, you’re opening yourself up to new experiences, and giving yourself a chance to thrive creatively. New sights, sounds, smells, and tastes can all work to refresh your brain and give you a new perspective to examine the world from. This usually means that you return to work feeling inspired, innovative, and ready to tackle problems in creative ways.

The Truth about Travel: It’s Good for You

The chances are that you don’t need to read scientific studies to learn how travel makes you feel happier and more satisfied with life. Spending time on the beach or exploring a new location brings with it a sense of joy and pleasure that’s impossible to ignore. However, it’s worth noting that travel has far more benefits to give than simply a better attitude. Grab your passport and travel accessories, and start fueling your brain today.

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