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new money belt neck pouch twin pack by venture 4th

Enjoy ultimate peace of mind and comfort with the exclusive Money Belt and Neck Pouch Twin Pack from VENTURE 4TH ®… 

No matter where your next adventure takes you, make sure that you bring VENTURE 4TH ® security along for the ride. With this fantastic money belt for travel and neck security pouch combo, you’ll ensure that you never have to worry about pickpockets, con-artists, or digital thieves ever again. Our specialist neck pouch for travel and money belt collection ensures that you can avoid being the target of malicious criminals, while keeping your essential possessions close at hand.

Both our money belt, and neck pouch passport holder stashes as seen on Amazon were designed to be incredibly lightweight and portable, capable of meeting all your needs for storage and security. Our travel wallets will also protect your personal information with innovative Radio Frequency Identification or “RFID” blocking material. By preventing standard scanning frequencies from getting through, we’ll defend you from both physical, and digital theft.

No-one wants to be left stranded without their valuables in a foreign land. At VENTURE 4TH ®, we’re offering you the perfect twin-pack solution for peace of mind, and a stress-free vacation. When you travel with VENTURE 4TH ®, you travel with safety.

Consistent Comfort All Day Long

Designed using the highest-quality, most durable materials, our slim line money belt for men and women/ neck pouch twin pack offers a slim and sleek design, versatile enough to hide seamlessly beneath your clothing – even when you’re sitting down.

The stretchy elastic on the waistband of your money belt, and the adjustable strap on your neck pouch for mobile phone protection ensures that both accessories will fit discreetly and securely against your body at all times, preventing chafing, discomfort, or slipping.

The patented moisture-wicking panel is also breathable enough to prevent your skin from becoming irritated by sweat, even during the most high-octane exploration.

Easy Individual Access to Your Possessions

The versatile neck pouch for travel and money belt twin-pack ensures that only you have instant access to your possessions. The low-profile design means that you can keep everything you need close at hand, with plenty of space for storing credit cards, travel documents, cash, and more.

The separate segments ensure that you have plenty of space to keep all your belongings secure, while you can store phones, and other larger items in the zippered pockets. Don’t worry, the mesh separator within each segment will ensure that nothing gets scratched or broken.

Reassurance for Your Next Adventure


Simply adjust your neck security pouch or money belt for travel to meet your personal needs, and click it into place. The quick-release clasp makes it easier to remove and scan your items at the airport.


The VENTURE 4TH ® twin pack offers a safe stash solution for your money and documents, so you can carry them with you and keep your mind at ease all day long.


Intended for all-day wear, your neck pouch and money belt will allow you to protect your most crucial belongings hands-free, without compromising on comfort. The perfect way to explore with safety.

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