Why Travel Makes you a Better Person

Alan Morrison

Why Travel Makes you a Better Person

Vacations are more important than you think. Sure, they help you get a great tan and relax after a number of months slaving away at your standard 9-to-5 job – but they’re good for far more than that too. Every time you grab your concealed money belt, pack up your travel accessories and head off for a new adventure, you’re actively transforming yourself into a better person.

What do we mean by that? Well, let’s take a look at some of the many ways in which travel can upgrade your character and your lifestyle.

Travel Makes You More Social

One of the most obvious ways that travel makes you a better person, is by forcing you to interact with other human beings. When you’re exploring the world, you’ll either get better at talking to strangers, or you’ll struggle to find the best deals, uncover the hidden gems of your chosen destination, and experience the culture of foreign countries. Most introverts who take some time to travel find that they come home with more confidence than ever.

Travel Makes You More Interesting

It may sound simplistic, but think about it this way – if you were asking a person about their life and they regaled you with stories about visiting the supermarket and watching Netflix, you probably wouldn’t be impressed. On the other hand, if you’re speaking to someone about their experiences when they were climbing Mount Everest, or exploring the jungles of Africa, then you’re going to be instantly enthralled. Travel makes you an exciting, interesting, and more complex person, and this can be important in everything from job interviews to making new friends at home.

Travel Makes You More Adaptable

This might not be one of the best things about travel itself – but it’s definitely one of the reasons why travel makes you a better person. Dealing with things like slow trains, lost luggage, missed flights, and other problems teaches you how to cope with last-minute emergencies. In other words, you figure out how to adapt to changing situations without throwing a tantrum or getting frustrated. This sense of adaptability can be incredibly useful in various aspects of life – from dealing with issues at work to managing problems in your personal life and relationships.

At the same time, travel can make you more easy-going too. After a while, managing various problems gives you the right perspective on life – making it easier to “go with the flow”, and reduce your stress levels.

Travel Makes You More Adventurous

When you become more confident and self-sufficient, then you’ll be more willing to take risks. People who have already dealt with the challenges and roadblocks associated with frequent travel won’t be put-off by the concerns of moving forward in a committed relationship or trying something new as part of a hobby. Travel can give you the resources that you need to take the first steps out of your comfort zone so that you’re well-equipped to take opportunities when they present themselves to you in life.

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