Tips to Help You Overcome Your Fear of Flying

Alan Morrison

Fear of Flying

For most people, there are few things more exciting than going on vacation. Even though waiting in lengthy lines to get through airport security, and sitting next to loud children on your flight can be a little frustrating – they’re nothing more than bumps on the road to an incredible experience. Unfortunately, for other people, travelling with anxiety is a very real problem. So what do you do if your fear has you in a nervous sweat as soon as you think about boarding that plane?

Rather than give up on your vacation completely, there may be a few things that you can do to help you overcome your fear of flying, or at least lower your stress to a manageable level. Next time you’re planning an adventure in the sky, try some of the following tips to help you control your emotions.

1.    Educate Yourself

First of all, if you want to overcome your fear of flying, then you need to force your brain to understand that there’s very little danger to be afraid of. Anxiety thrives on those questions of “what if”, mixed with catastrophic thoughts and feelings. Learning more about the real facts and statistics surrounding air travel could help you to lower your anxiety levels, particularly since the chances of something going wrong are much lower than you might expect.

2.    Anticipate the Anxiety

Before you get on a flight, you should come to terms with the fact that you’re probably going to feel anxious. In fact, you might start to feel nervous before you’ve even left your home to reach the airport. However, just because you feel stressed and concerned now, doesn’t mean that you’re going to remain that way for your entire vacation. Anticipate your feelings, and remember that they are temporary! Remember, if you have an iPad or smartphone with you, you can always use that for entertainment to help take your mind off the worry at some of the most difficult times. Just be sure to pack a travel adapter plug so you can charge up when you get to the hotel.

3.    Roll with the Bumps

It can be all the more difficult to overcome your fear of flying if you find yourself on a flight that’s hit with a pretty heavy amount of turbulence. However, before you start freaking out, try to remember that research will help. Look up articles online about airplanes and turbulence, and you’ll quickly discover that these incredible machines are carefully designed to handle all of those bumps and knocks – no matter how scary they might seem. Remind yourself constantly that you are safe, or ask someone that you’re travelling with to remind you.

4.    Remind Fellow Flyers of Your Fear

You don’t necessarily have to scream all the way to the departure gate, but you can remind fellow fliers and the people who are sitting close to you that you’re suffering with some anxiety. If you can be clear about the things that make you feel worse, and what might help to make you feel better, you should find that other people are willing to help you address your fear and even support you throughout the flight.


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