The Top Travel Accessories for 2016

Kathelys Pereira

The Top Travel Accessories for 2016

If you’re getting ready to pack up for your next family vacation, or you’re simply looking for new ways to enhance your next flight, having the top travel accessories for 2016 on hand should be a good place to start. While the decision of which tools and gadgets should make the cut for your hand luggage will be down to your personal needs and preferences, there are a few high-quality options out there that are bound to make any adventure more exhilarating.

From access to clean water wherever you are, to on-board entertainment to keep you sane during long-haul flights, companies are constantly coming up with new ways to enhance the travel industry. Following are just a few of our favorite top travel accessories for 2016.

1.    Headphones for your Eyes and Ears

A good pair of headphones is essential for any journey – whether you’re spending an hour on a train or half a day on a long-distance overnight flight. However, while your standard over-ear set or in-ear buds may work well for short adventures, longer journeys might require a touch of extra comfort. Today, you can get headphones that cover your eyes and ears, to immerse you in darkness and music during those times when you want to block out the other passengers and drift off to sleep. These gadgets are great for creating personal space wherever you are.

2.    World-wide Plug

One of the top travel accessories for 2016 has to be a tool that keeps your other gadgets running. Although a comprehensive plug adapter may not be one of the many gadgets you can use during the journey to your chosen destination – it’ll certainly come in useful when you arrive at the hotel and need to replenish your phone battery or tablet. A USB adapter plug that’s compatible in more than 150 countries will make sure that you always have access to a reliable current for recharging – no matter where you go.

3.    Portable Pillows

While it’s safe to say that some airplane seats and coaches are more comfortable than others, few have the right cushion and padding to provide you with proper support over a long period of time. Travel cushions, on the other hand come in a range of shapes and sizes to help keep your head supported and your neck upright while you snooze – preventing the uncomfortable crooked feeling so common with travel.

4.    Circulation Socks

When it comes to top travel accessories for 2016, compression wear isn’t a new concept. Whether you’re a frequent flyer, or you simply spend a lot of time on the bus when travelling to and from work, the chances are you know that sitting down for long periods of time isn’t great for your circulation. Compression socks that promote circulation – regardless of whether you’re sat down or standing up, are a great way to ensure that you don’t suffer from cramps – or worse – after a long haul flight.

5.    Micro-Filter Water Bottles

Stop spending your money on bottled water and invest in a bottle set that filters water for you. These micro-filter innovations safely remove the majority of all waterborne bacteria, so you can rest assured that you have access to refreshing, healthy drinks wherever you are. What’s more, you can get these bottles in flexible form so that they squeeze easily into any bag or purse.

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