The Top Anti-Theft Accessories for Secure Travel

Kathelys Pereira

The Top Anti-Theft Accessories for Secure Travel

As much as we enjoy the excitement and adventure of travel, it’s safe to say that exploring new destinations and uncovering hidden gems across the globe isn’t always as secure as we might hope. Criminals, unfortunately, lurk across every country and continent – no matter how beautiful or alluring those locations may be. That’s why the typical traveler is constantly searching for new anti-theft accessories for secure travel.

While a few years ago, this guide might have been a lot simpler – as all you needed to do was wear a hidden money belt beneath your clothes and your cash or valuables would be safe from theft – today there are more vulnerabilities to worry about. Not only do you need to think about how you can stop people from physically lifting valuables from your person, but you also need to protect your data, and fight back against digital criminals looking to download your personal information as you walk by – none the wiser.

Following, we’ll cover the three most crucial anti-theft accessories for secure travel, and why you need them on your next trip.

RFID Sleeves

Simple, but effective – RFID sleeves are designed to help block the radio frequency identification chips on your credit cards and passports, so that scanners cannot pick up the signal. If you’re wondering what RFID theft is all about – modern day pickpockets have adapted a new way to lift your details from you using scanners in the form of RFID skimming. This form of theft utilizes wireless transmitters in gaining information from your card identification chips. Through this method, criminals can decode personal information about you, such as your address, name, phone number, and even your social security number.

RFID sleeves are the best form of protection against these criminals, you simply slot your cards or passports inside of them and carry on as normal – safe in the knowledge that no-one can access your RFID chip but you.

Travel Money Belts

Next in the list of useful anti-theft accessories for secure travel is the money belt. These devices are designed to keep your travelers checks, cash, and other important valuables locked away safely and securely out of the sight of criminals. After all, if a thief can’t see something that’s worth stealing on your body, they’ll be much less likely to actually take it. A durable RFID-protected money belt can slip seamlessly beneath your shirt, providing a comfortable way to keep your valuables safe.

What’s more, high-quality money belts are also designed with moisture-wicking materials to ensure that you don’t sweat excessively or suffer from rashes and discomfort simply because you want to protect your cash. In other words, they offer plenty of benefits, with no drawbacks.

TSA-Approved Padlocks

Finally, everyone knows that a padlock is one of the best anti-theft accessories for secure travel – but they often forget that their security can be hampered if they choose the wrong lock to start with. A durable padlock for your suitcase or hand luggage is a great way to add an extra dose of safety to your property, but if it’s picked out for a search by TSA agent, and your padlock isn’t TSA-approved, you may end up having it cut off so that professionals can access your luggage.

Using a TSA-approved padlock allows TSA agents to quickly check through your luggage and re-lock your suitcase for you – which means that you don’t have to worry about your belongings going through the rest of the journey without any protection.

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