The Easiest Hacks to Improve Your Hotel Stay

Kathelys Pereira

The Easiest Hacks to Improve Your Hotel Stay

There are a lot of factors to consider if you want to make the most out of your next travel adventure. Not only do you have to ensure that you pack the right items in your hand-luggage to make the flight more bearable, and organize the right transport at the other side, but you also need to organize the best possible hotel experience.

There is no shortage of hacks to improve your hotel stay on the internet today. However, if you want to get the most out of your vacation without lying to anyone or questioning your own morals, the following options might be your best bet.

1.    Get Connected

This is less of a hack than it is a packing necessity. If you want to make the most out of your hotel stay, you need to make sure you can utilize the electricity provided by the plug sockets in your room. This means having a nifty universal plug adapter on hand to keep you powered up at all times. Remember, your hotel may not be able to supply these gadgets for you, so keeping one handy – particularly one that has USB sockets for extra charging convenience – is a great start in hacks to improve your hotel stay.

2.    Do Not Disturb

If you’re staying in a hotel that you’ve never visited before, and you’re unsure about security, try hanging your “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door when you head out for an adventure. This trick will give the impression that you’re still snoozing in the room, meaning that unscrupulous people will be less tempted to try a break-in.

3.    Make Yourself Heard

The truth is that most of us will never feel comfortable about complaining – but if you’re unhappy with your room or the service you’re getting then you need to speak up if you want something to change. Ask to see other rooms in the hotel and compare them with your own, pointing out deficiencies that might damage your stay.

4.    Use your Shower as a Steamer

When it comes to hacks to improve your hotel stay, this one appears on quite a few different lists. While most hotel rooms don’t come with a steamer, you can always create your own by turning up the hot water in your shower and closing off the bathroom. Once you’ve got enough steam, hang your dress or suit up close to the shower, and wait for the wrinkles to disappear.

5.    Softer, Sweeter Legs

If you or your lady companion has forgotten their exfoliator and are concerned the skin on their legs will end up looking as though it belongs to a liquid, try mixing some hair conditioner with the free packaged sugar you’ll find beside the coffee maker. This home-made concoction can help to scrub away unwanted scales in no time.

6.    Wrap Up Leftovers

If you’re looking for hacks to improve your hotel stay, then the chances are you’ll want to save money too. If you can’t finish that last slice of pizza you ordered from room service but you want to save on cash, use your plastic shower cap (before you’ve used it on your hair), to cover the plate. The elastic will help to keep the food fresh – particularly if you tuck it into your mini fridge.

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