The Best Countries in The World (According to Millennials)

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As the biggest generation in the world today, and the most important market for every industry (including travel), Millennials have quickly found their place as a vital tourist demographic. As Millennial travel continues to change the world that we live in, and explore, it may surprise you to learn that most youngsters today would prefer to travel the world then establish a career before they hit their thirties. It’s no wonder that travel agencies are turning to the opinions of this generation when it comes to determining the best countries in the world today.

A recent survey on Millennial travel asked thousands of young jet-setters to score countries around the world according to a range of different criteria, including career development, and even dating possibilities. According to the results, Australia was considered the best country to live in, whereas Canada ranked as best country over all.

According to experts, Millennials are the people who will be shaping the national economies across the globe for decades to come. That means that capturing their perceptions on the best countries in the world is essential in determining the current and future possibilities for success in various nations. Following, we’ll address just some of the best countries in the world according to Millennials, so you can grab your TSA-approved padlock, and make the most out of your next vacation.

The Best Countries in The World

1.    Canada

Millennials across the globe have fallen in love with the Northern American country best known for amazing healthcare, and hockey. Canada emerged as the top pick for people aged between 18 and 35 in the U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Countries in the World” rankings, thanks to its policy of multiculturalism, diversity, and opportunity. Canada has long been the home of various accomplished artists and writers, and it offers plenty of exciting places for young travelers to explore, whether they’re backpacking, or seeking out luxurious vacations. Just remember to apply your TSA-approved padlock to your suitcase before you leave America, if you want to avoid ruining your trip with a difficult security interaction.

2.    Australia

While Canada may be the overall favorite for the Millennial generation, it only managed to earn second place when it comes to determining where these young explorers want to live. According to nearly 6,000 Millennials, Australia is the ideal place to start a life, thanks to its temperate climate, efficient health-care system, and multicultural society. As one of the best countries in the world, Australia is regarded by Millennials as an environmentally-friendly country that is brimming with opportunities, wide open spaces, and a natural ecosystem perfect for starting life from a greener perspective. At the same time, Millennials love the fact that Australia allows for a more laid-back lifestyle when compared to other major areas across the world. Australia is a clean, safe, and fun place to find a home.

3.    Germany

When it comes to Millennial travel, Germany is a fast favorite for adventurous individuals. Established as a first-rate travel destination for people of all ages and cultures, Germany has much more to offerthan might originally meet the eye. The multitude of regional identities that Germany embraces means that it can offer young travelers a range of distinct experiences designed to meet all possible tastes and expectations. Whether you’re attending an outdoor gig, enjoying the architecture and scenery, or exploring the nightlife, Germany has it all. Just remember to switch your TSA-approved padlock over to your backpack if you’re planning on camping out at a festival.

4.    The United Kingdom

Millennials love any excuse to explore culture, and history, which is one of the reasons why they have ranked the United Kingdom as one of the best countries in the world. England, Scotland, and Wales offer a great selection of opportunities for vacations or last-minute travel experiences, regardless ofwhere you choose to go. One of the most appealing features of the United Kingdom is that it comes brimming with natural landscapes and scenery to enjoy, and no-one within the entire country is more than two hours away from the sea. On top of that, you get to experience everything from majestic hills to mountain ranges, moors, and wild heaths.

5.    Japan

Although the land of the rising sun can be something of a shock to people who haven’t experienced the beauty of the country before, it’s definitely an exciting experience for millennial travel. Young travelers named Japan as one of the best countries in the world thanks in parts to its rich culture, incredible history and range of exciting experiences. When it comes to exploring Japan, you’ll quickly find that modernity and antiquity seem to both vie for attention at the same time. While part of the country focuses heavily on tradition and a rich historical culture, the rest offers some of the most incredible technological innovations available in the world today, which is just one of the reasons why the destination appeals to travelers of various interests.

6.    The United States

Finally, the United States of America is a diverse land, rich in travel opportunities – even for the people who already live there. When naming the best countries in the world, Millennials considered America to be a hub of culture and activity, with plenty of cities and towns to explore that could potentially keep you coming back for more, year after year. Although the country is still relatively young, it has a wide range of different experiences to offer, from incredible scenic routes, to beautiful islands, and urban cities. Just keep in mind that whether you’re heading outside of America, or trying to make your way into the country, the process will go a lot smoother if you do your research beforehand, and invest in a TSA-approved padlock for baggage checks.

The Best Countries in the World

So there you have some of the best countries in the world according to Millennial travel surveys. If you’re part of the Millennial generation, you might have some different opinions about the must-see destinations on your bucket list. Let us know if we’ve missed anything out!

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