Stay Smart Abroad: Clever Travel Tips for Modern Explorers

Fabian Obrist

Stay Smart Abroad

If you think you know all of the clever travel tips and tricks you need to avoid an unexpected problem at the airport, or even your chosen destination – you might want to think again. Even the savviest of modern explorers can lose valuables and experience troubling scenarios simply because they didn’t think to plan far enough in advance, or accidentally made a bad call.

Read on to find out more about how you can avoid some of the most common traps that could leave you feeling foolish the next time you choose to visit a new destination.

1.    Don’t be too Scared to Visit Somewhere

Okay, so there are some places that really are too risky to travel to, such as areas that are suffering from serious illnesses, natural disasters, or political strife, but most destinations aren’t as threatening as you might think. When it comes to clever travel tips, keep in mind that you shouldn’t necessarily rule out a vacation based on a travel alert given by the U.S. State Department. Most experts suggest that these warnings need to be taken with a grain of salt, as they reference politics and situations that typical travelers simply wouldn’t find themselves in.

Show caution when necessary, but don’t take being careful too far. You might miss out on some of the most rewarding travel moments in your life, alongside cheaper flights, better deals on hotels, and greater access to sites that are often over-run by tourists.

2.    Don’t Let Everyone Know You’re a Tourist

Once you’ve figured out where you’re going on your next vacation, you need to do some research if you want to make yourself, and your valuables as safe as possible. For instance, while a security money belt can be a great way to protect your cards and cash, it’s only beneficial if it’s worn underneath your clothes – rather than shown off to the world.

Similarly, keep in mind that brand new sneakers and expensive clothing can make you stand out as an outsider. Stick to comfy clothing, and check online for any cultural faux pas you might need to avoid.

3.    Don’t Miss Out On Royal Treatment

Sometimes, knowing clever travel tips is all about finding ways to make your money go further. If you’re booking a vacation designed to celebrate a birthday or wedding anniversary, inform your hotel of the reason for your visit. Tell the front desk about your special occasion, or let the general manager know via e-mail before you arrive. Hotels will regularly provide upgrades and services to make your stay more memorable so that you’ll tell your friends, take photos, and come back for future celebrations.

4.    Handing Important Possessions to a Stranger

Finally, you never know when you might have to gate-check hand luggage, so keep your house and car keys, medications, iPad, and smart phone in a thin pouch inside of your carry on, or within your money belt so that if you have to surrender your carry-on, you can hold onto the things you can’t live without. You’ll appreciate the fore-thought later when you’re enjoying your favorite tablet games, peaceful in the knowledge that you have your valuables at hand.

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