How to Stay Safe When Travelling with Kids

Alan Morrison

How to Stay Safe When Travelling with Kids

Traveling to new and exciting destinations with children can be a fantastic experience – but it’s also a highly demanding one. A vacation with your child puts you under pressure when it comes to maintaining their wellbeing, and looking after yourself at the same time.

Since, at Venture4th, we’re all about making your travel experiences as safe, fun, and comfortable as possible, we’ve put together a collection of some basic travel tips and tricks that you can use, to ensure that you stay safe and secure as a family.

1.    Plan Ahead

First of all, travelling with kids often involves a lot of careful planning. You’re going to need to ask yourself what kind of supplies you need to have on hand, and take care of any special or normal needs that your child might have. Remember, it might be the airline’s responsibility to get you to your destination, but it’s your responsibility to keep your child safe and comfortable along the way.

2.    Prepare for Emergencies

Make sure that you keep plenty of emergency gear in your carry-on bag just in case. This might include medication for your child if he or she has to take a treatment regularly, flight-sickness pills, or a fresh set of clothing that your youngster can change into if they accidentally spill food or drink onto themselves in the middle of your journey. If your child does have any specific medical conditions, it’s often best to inform the flight attendants of this before the plane takes off – so that they can help if anything goes wrong. It’s also a good idea to pack a good First Aid Kit, it becomes handy when accidents happen.

3.    Use a Neck Money Wallet

This may seem like a strange tip when the aim of this article is to teach you how to protect your children, but remember that the more time you spend watching your bag in case you lose valuable cash or documents, the less time you can spend watching over your child. Wearing a neck money wallet will ensure that you keep your valuables close, while still having your hands and eyes free for your kids.

4.    Seat Children Away from the Aisles

If you have a chance to choose your seating, try to make sure that you place youngsters away from the aisles wherever possible. Many small children like to reach out and explore whenever possiblebut if they’re sitting on the aisle they could get hurt if an airline attendant is pushing a serving cart around, or someone accidentally bumps into them on the way to the toilet. Plus, seating your child closer to the window should also keep them entertained for longer too, as they’ll have something interesting to keep their attention.

5.    Pack Safe Toys

Finally, while entertainment is important for keeping your kids happy during travel, remember to avoid bringing along any toys that are heavy, or easily broken. The last thing you want is to be dealing with a choking hazard on your child’s favorite toy, or consoling an upset child because part of their game broke off and has become lost between the seats on the plane.


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