How to Stay Cool with an RFID Wallet When Flying in Summer

Fabian Obrist

How to Stay Cool with an RFID wallet

Though it may not feel as though much time has passed since you were complaining about the cold weather in Winter – causing endless delays and cancellations on your flights, that doesn’t mean that flying in the sticky heat of summer is much fun either! When the temperatures rise, airports across the world become packed with tourists on vacation – which means that there are plenty of ways for you to get overwhelmed before your vacation has even begun.

Fortunately, if you’re looking for some tips on how to stay cool when flying in summer, you’ve come to the right place. With your RFID wallet or cash belt  keeping your money safe, all you need to worry about is staying calm and relaxed when in the airport or on a plane.

1.    Take Layers

This may seem like a strange tip to follow when all you want to do is strip of as many items of clothing as you possibly can – but bear with us. The chances are you’ll spend all of your time in the airport sweating, just to get on the airplane and end up freezing the moment you take to the skies. Wear layers to make sure that you can adjust your comfort levels accordingly depending on how hot, or cold you become. Plus, layers will keep your RFID wallet or cash belt hidden.

2.    Don’t Run for your Flight

As fun as that scene from “Home Alone” may be to watch – it’s not as entertaining when it’s happening to you. Make sure that you’ve left plenty of time to get to your flight on time so you’re not racing through crowds of sweaty people trying to get to the checkout line or grab a bit to eat before they take off.

3.    Board Last

If you want to avoid stress, and stay cool when flying in the summer, don’t rush to get to your seat the second that they start calling for people to board your flight. If you don’t need to rush in and board early so you can get your hands on an overhead bin, take your time and casually walk up with the rest of the drifters when the largest group of tourists have already settled into their seats. You’ll have all the essentials on hand in your cash belt.

4.    Talk to a Flight Attendant

If you’re too hot, or even too cold, during your flight, don’t be afraid to talk to a flight attendant. Ask for a bottle of water or see if there’s anything else you can do to improve your comfort. If you’re feeling really overwhelmed, a flight attendant might be able to take you to stand near a close-by air vent for a while.

5.    Practice Good Hygiene

While this tip might not keep you as cool temperature wise, it will help you to be “cooler” when it comes to style. Don’t be one of the smelly passengers that all of the other people on your flight desperately want to avoid. If you know you’re going to be sweating on your next trip, bring along plenty of deodorant and wash up in the toilets if you must! Remember, a good RFID wallet will use wicking material, which means no sweaty smell.

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