Spring Travel: Where to Go to Chase Away Winter Blues

Alan Morrison

Spring Travel

What comes to mind for you when you imagine spring?

For most people, the season instantly conjures up thoughts of colorful flowers, newborn farm animals, and the first rays of the sun breaking through the winter gloom. In fact, people all across the world still consider Spring to be one of their absolute favorite seasons. So why should you wait until the summer to start planning your vacation?

Spring travel can be less expensive, and more appealing than summer trips to the right jetsetter, and we’ve put together a list of fantastic reasons to take some time away from work before the busy season begins. Grab your RFID wallets, a bag of luggage, and a sense of adventure, and get ready to explore.

Here are just a few of our favorite destinations for spring travel – sure to chase away that winter cold for good.

The Uists in Scotland

By far one of the most beautiful locations in the world, Scotland is brimming with places to see and things to do – no matter what time of year you choose to visit. However, in spring, the wind-swept isles of the Uists, located just off the Atlantic Coast make an incredible destination for a late spring break. Most of the coast is laced with a collection of smooth sandy beaches, grassy coastal dunes, and natural wildlife. During your visit, you should expect to hear plenty of delightful bird song, see a colorful explosion of wildflowers, and more.

If you feel like seeing the local feathered friends in the area, you should consider visiting the North Uist’sBalranald RSPB Reserve. From there, you should be able to spot some rare birds and tick a few spring travel experiences off your to-do list.

Dubrovnik in Croatia

Game of Thrones fans rejoice! We have the travel experience just for you. In Croatia, otherwise known as the “Pearl of the Atlantic”, you can enjoy some truly historical scenes – brimming with cultural beauty. From rugged stone walls that created the backdrop for some of your favorite show moments – to sun kissed fruit trees and delicious fresh markets.

If you’re all about sand and sea, then local islands such as Hvar and Brac should provide a perfect reprieve for you to go dip your toes in something cool. Just remember that this area can get super busy in the summer – which is why visiting in spring can be the best way to get ahead of the crowds.

Wiltshire in England

When it comes to spring travel, the UK really does have quite a lot to offer – thanks to its vibrant and versatile seasons. The Bowood Rhododendron Gardens in Wiltshire are one of the most incredible places you can go to celebrate the arrival of spring. With 60 acres of woodland to stroll through, and thousands of bright colors to enjoy.

The gardens were first created in 1854, and they have been blooming and thriving ever since. Alongside their enticing collection of rhododendron, the garden is also home to various forms of magnolias, azaleas, and more than thirty different hybrid blossoms that were recently thought to be extinct.

Ljubljana in Slovenia

It might not be an easy place to pronounce, but this location is easy on the eyes – particularly during the spring. Named the European green capital in 2016, Ljubljana is a beautiful natural paradise, brimming with willow trees and parks surrounding a stunning river.

Designed to be easier than ever for pedestrians to explore, the center of Ljubljana has plenty of options for walking around and enjoying the view. However, most travelers agree that cycling is the best way to get your dose of delicious spring air. With the locals emerging from the snowy hibernation, and cafes springing back into life with salads and delicious brews, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye.

El Hierro in the Canary Islands

There’s not really a bad time to visit the Canary Islands, but if you’re looking for some stunning spring travel tips, then look no further. Known as the wildest and most natural of the seven main Canary Island, El Hierro is a little-visited oasis of tranquility – generally seen as a total contrast to the more popular islands like Tenerife.

If you’re looking for flowers and colour, then El Hierro has a range of lush hills to visit, alongside meadows glistening with vivid blankets of stunning flowers. Head there early in the spring if you want to make the most of the new flora. You should also find that the temperatures are reasonable too, with an average day measuring at about 20 degrees Celsius.

Seville in Spain

Looking for something romantic and traditional?

Spain is often considered to be too hot in summer, and far too cold to visit in winter, but it’s the perfect place for spring travel. What’s more, because there will be fewer crowds, you won’t have to hold on as tight to your RFID wallets.

The renowned Seville orange trees blossom the softer temperatures of spring, and while the streets are calm, you’ll be able to enjoy the romance and natural beauty of one of the oldest towns in Europe. If you have chance, be sure to visit the Feria de Abril de Sevilla festival – which fills the streets of Seville between the 12th and 17th of April. A quick visit should be enough to delight you and your family with horse parades, flamenco dancing and more.


You’ll notice that we haven’t really picked a precise place to visit in Japan this Spring. That’s because there are incredible things to see just about anywhere you go. One of the hottest destinations around in 2016, Japan will continue to be a popular option for travelers during 2017 – thanks to it’s versatile culture and stunning sights.

Spring is the time when the prized cherry blossoms of the country begin to bloom – filling the area with bright color and light. If you’re a serious fan, then you can always head to the Hirosaki Cherry Blossom festival towards the northern end of Japan – where you can see the true beauty of the trees at their finest.



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