Simple Solutions for Common Vacation Disasters

Kathelys Pereira

Common Vacation Disasters

While the chances are that you booked your vacation with dreams of the perfect, relaxing getaway – there’s always a chance that your next trip won’t run quite as smoothly as you’d hoped. Even the most magical of journeys can be side-swept by common vacation disasters in a matter of moments, turning your wonderful adventure into an exploration of stress.

Fortunately, while you might not be able to prevent anything from going wrong with your upcoming vacation, there are a few things you can do to avoid the worst issues, and resolve them when they do occur. Following, we’ll give you just a few tips on how to get a potentially ruined trip, back on track.

Problem 1: Cancelled or Delayed Flight

When it comes to common vacation disasters, problems with flights almost always top the list. Though there’s little to nothing that you can do to prevent a flight from being cancelled or delayed, you can minimize some of the issues that might occur thanks to this sudden change of plans.

For example, try calling the airline several days before your scheduled departure to ensure there have been no changes to the current schedule. You can also contact them a second time before you leave to go to the airport, so as to learn about any last-minute cancellations.

Problem 2: Stolen or Lost Cash

No matter where you travel in the world, you’re going to need cash to survive, so when that money goes missing, you’re bound to panic. Fortunately, there are some solutions if you take a couple of steps to prepare yourself in advance.

Bring plenty of cash to cover daily expenses, but don’t store it all in your purse or pockets. Instead, keep the majority of your money in your hotel safe, and carry some extra “just in case” cash, with your credit cards in your secure money wallet. If your money is stolen, the chances are that the thief won’t know about your money wallet, which means that you have a second source of cash, and a safety net to fall back on.

Problem 3: Sudden Sickness

Sickness is another one of the most common vacation disasters that travelers suffer from – particularly when visiting a place that might suffer from contaminated water or food that doesn’t agree with your stomach.

If you’re sick as a result of motion sickness, try to sit on the front seat of the car during road journeys, and close to the wing on the airplane – as this is often the steadiest part. Alternatively, if you’re prone to sickness from strange foods, try to avoid sampling too much of the local cuisine – no matter how tempting it might be.

Problem 4: Bad Weather

Finally, while you can’t control the weather, you can plan your trip according to it if you research expected weather conditions before you get on your flight. What’s more, you can always take a windproof travel umbrella along just in case you don’t want to cut the adventure short during a day exploring your destination.

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