Simple and Innovative Gadgets for Better Business Travel

Kathelys Pereira

Simple and Innovative Gadgets for Better Business Travel

If you’re constantly on the road looking for ways to develop and enhance your business, then the chances are your list of travel-essentials includes a number of innovative gadgets designed to make your life easier, more productive, and more compact. Gadgets for better business travel have evolved significantly over the years, from portable charging stations to keep your laptop powered on the go, to gadget organization pouches and world-wide power adapters.

Following, we’ll cover just some of the best gadgets for better business travel that should fit easily into your next journey.

1.    Adapt to your Environment

When you travel for business, it’s hard to know where you’re going to end up. One day you could be setting up shop in Europe, while the next you’re traveling to deeper parts of Asia. For a simple way to adapt with your technology, a worldwide USB and plug adapter should do the trick. Not only will this make sure that you never have to worry about a dead phone or a drained laptop battery, but it’ll also give you a place to charge up your other devices – such as electric razors or portable games consoles – after all, all work and no play…

2.    Secure Your Luggage

While a secure TSA-approved padlock is a must-have for any piece of luggage, not all of the important documents you’ll have to take with you on a business trip are going to fit in your hand luggage. Given that twenty-two million suitcases are lost around the world every day; can you really afford to trust the information you need to the hands of baggage handlers? Keep your company information safe in a RFID-protected waist belt that tucks neatly under your clothes and out of sight. These gadgets for better business travel are ideal for security, just remember to remove any metal before you go through customs.

3.    Travel Lighter

On some business journeys, you may not have the spare baggage space or weight to store an extra laptop. If you have a tablet or smartphone in your hand-luggage already, the perfect option could be a portable keyboard that simply connects to your device in an instant for quick typing requirements. Small keyboards on your phone or tablet are insufficient if you have anything longer than email to type out, so try a Bluetooth option or wireless solution instead.

4.    Portable Scanner

Stop worrying about how you’re going to fit all of those extra receipts, contracts, and documents into your hand luggage and opt for a wireless solution instead. A Bluetooth enabled portable scanner allows you to send images of crucial documents to your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or even the cloud. That’s plenty of productivity for a device that weighs very little, and can slot easily into the bottom of your suitcase.

5.    Smart Watch

When it comes to gadgets for better business travel, smartwatch offers compact, wearable technology similar to a smartphone for when you need to access quick information without going through your phone. These watches come with text messaging, apps, and other technology to keep you going throughout the day. They’re particularly useful if you want to keep your actual smartphone safely tucked away inside of your waist belt when heading to a meeting.

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