Practical Packing Tips for the Adventurous Traveler

Kathelys Pereira

Practical Packing Tips

If you enjoy travelling with little more than a backpack and a map to help you find your way, then the chances are you’re in it for the adventure. Unfortunately, when it comes to backpacking, you’ll need to develop a skill for anticipating exactly what your destination in going to be like, so that you can pack what you think you’ll need in advance.

The following practical packing tips certainly won’t cover everything you’re going to need to make your next hiking trip a success, but they are a great place to get started. With a few of these in your bag, you’ll be on the right track to a great adventure.

1.    Duct Tape

Simple, inexpensive, and perfect for more tasks than you could possible imagine, duct tape is a must-have for any backpacker. You can use duct tape for fixing anything from an annoying rattling window on your bus, to fixing a strap on your backpack when you’re hiking through the wilderness. Duct tape can even seal a leaking water bottle, or act as an emergency bandage when you lose your first aid kit.

2.    Thermal Underwear

They might not be the sexiest things you’ve ever worn under your clothing, but when it comes to practical packing tips, thermal underwear could be enough to make you jump for joy when you’re snuggling up in a freezing cold sleeping bag.

3.    Travel Umbrella

When it comes to practical packing tips, most lists leave out the windproof travel umbrella, but the truth is that these accessories have a number of great uses. Not only can they keep you dry during sudden storms, but they can act as a shelter when you’re trying to start a fire in the wind, or read your map.

4.    Multi-Tool

Most practical packing tip lists will include a multi-tool. A multi-tool does the majority of the tough jobs you’re going to need to work through on a backpacking adventure. Packed with a knife, and a number of other helpful gadgets, it’s one of those small, lightweight options that you won’t regret taking with you on just about any trip.

5.    Tablet Computer

A tablet computer might not be the first thing you think about when you head off on an adventure -particularly if your aim is to get back to nature. However, a small tablet screen can be a great way to download maps, listen to music, and get last minute advice on a problem that you might be facing. You can even use your tablet to stay in touch with friends and family – so long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.

6.    Wet Wipes

When it comes to practical packing tips, Wet wipes are an ideal way to stay hygienic when you’re away from sinks and soap. You can use them to wipe your hands, and refresh yourself when you’re on long bus journeys or you’re stuck somewhere in the wilderness.

7.    Ziploc Bags

Finally, zip lock bags are essential forms of storage for items like toilet paper, that tablet computer we mentioned earlier, and food. Not only will they keep your items free from moisture, but they’ll also help to keep your backpack organized too.

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