What to Pack for Your Next Ski Vacation

Kathelys Pereira

What to Pack for Your Next Ski Vacation

There’s more to packing for an incredible skiing vacation than stuffing a selection of sweaters and cozy socks into your suitcase and slapping on your TSA-approved padlock. If you want to make sure that you can get the most out of your trip, while protecting all of your limbs from the bitter sting of the ice and snow, you need a good idea of the luggage essentials that go into any successful winter-sports vacation.

Following, we’ve put together a list of what to pack for your next ski vacation, and what you’re going to need as you head off for a fast-paced adventure in the mountains

1.    Thermals

The first thing to invest in, is a reliable set of base layers. Remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get something that does the job well, but you do have to ensure that the material you choose is thin, yet effective at keeping heat in, and moisture out.

2.    Layers

When you’re wondering what to pack for your next ski vacation, the answer is almost always layers. You can always remove layers to cool down, but it’s very hard to warm back up when tumbling through the snow. Layers are far better than bulky sweaters and thick jackets.

3.    Thick Socks

When shopping for foot comfort, make sure to invest in ski-specific thermal socks. Nobody wants cold toes, and you can lose a lot of your heat through your feet if you’re not careful. Try to avoid anything with a seam around the shin, as your boots will press into it all day long and leave you with chafing.

4.    Mittens or Gloves

There’s a gigantic range of gloves out there that can do incredible high-tech stuff for your fingers and hands. The important thing with a ski holiday, is to purchase a pair that’s not only comfortable, but capable of keeping you warm no matter what. Remember, while mittens are often warmer than gloves, they can also restrict your movement.

5.    Snow Boots

You can’t go skiing with a pair of flip-flops or sneakers, so purchase a good pair of snow boots. Save the fancy shoes for inside, and ensure that your boots are waterproof, warm, and reach up way above your ankle too. You’ll want something that has enough grip on the sole to ensure you don’t slip and slide whenever you’re on the ice.

6.    Moisturizer and Lip Balm

Since you’ll be climbing to higher-than-normal altitudes during your ski trip, you should expect your skin to dry out pretty quickly. When figuring out what to pack for your next ski vacation, it’s generally a good idea to choose plenty of high-performance moisturizer and lip-balm that you can take with you to avoid painful, cracking skin.

7.    Sunglasses or Goggles

Finally, protecting your eyes is essential on the slopes, which means it often pays to spend a little extra on a good pair of sunglasses or goggles. Remember that the sun can reflect off the snow, so invest in googles that have lenses for both bright, and overcast days. Pink or orange colors are usually the most universal lens choice.


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